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PTE Describe Image – Every week, we’ll be posting new Describe Image PTE practice samples, so make sure you keep checking back!

In this article, we will provide full detail related to this question type. These questions are designed to test your speaking skills. Attempt the following PTE Describe Image practice charts by speaking to the following types:

  • Process/cycle
  • Flowchart
  • Line graph
  • Table
  • Bar graph
  • Pie- Chart
  • Picture
  • Maps

You need to understand an image, think quickly and deliver fluent, grammatical and relevant sentences.

In case you find it difficult to explain PTE Describe Image, remember these Describe Image Tips and Tricks from our experts.

PTE Describe Image List

PTE Describe Image Practice


1. You have 25 seconds before to start for recognize the image.
2. You have 40 seconds to complete the image. Way to explain image in 40 seconds
3. Press next button after completion or it will automatically stop after 40 seconds.

PTE Describe Image Tips and Tricks:

1. Recognize just important points.
2. Speak up to 30 seconds minimum.
3. Do not stop yourself.
4. Everything is not possible to explain.
5. Oral Fluency, Content, and Pronunciation should be clear.

Our method is to use this framework:

1. Title, x-axis
2. Three key features
3. Conclusion

User Guide – Step by Step Solution

PTE Describe Image Practice Test Series

Look at the given list of 20 PTE Describe Image Sample Tests below. Open the link, study the diagram in 25 seconds and describe the details what the image is showing. Answer these PTE describe image practice questions. You have 40 seconds to give your response. Don’t forget to write your own answer in the comment box.

1. Describe Image Bar Graph Practice Test

2. Describe Image PTE Line Graph Practice Test

3. Academic Pie-Chart Practice Test

4. Describe Image Line Graph Practice Sample

5. PTE Speaking Describe Image Table

6. Describe Image Map – Practice Test

7. Describing an Image Process – PTE Test Material

8. Describe Image Process Practice Test

9. Pearson Test of English Describe Image Maps

10. Describe Image With Answers Topics

11. Bar Graph PTE Sample Question Answers

12. PTE Academic Speaking Describe Image

13. IELTS and PTE Solved Questions and Answers

14. PTE Bar Chart Diagram Mock Test

15. Describe The Picture And Answer The Questions

16. Describe Line Graph PTE

17. Hydroelectric Dam Structure PTE

18. Solved Questions And Answers Describe Image PTE

19. PTE Flow Chart

20. Describe Image Life Cycle Of A Frog


How To Solve Difficult Describe Images

What you need to score well

Every week, we’ll be posting new PTE Describe Image practice samples, so make sure you keep checking back!

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