PTE Speaking Basics Describe Image Super Method | Types | Vocabulary

Lets quickly talk about the PTE Speaking basics – You will have 5 – 6 questions of this type and you will see an image on the screen and will have to describe “What is that about”. You will have 25 seconds to understand the image and prepare your response and then 40 seconds to give your response after that. So this is all about PTE speaking basics for describing an image.

PTE Speaking Basics

PTE Speaking Basics Describe Image Super Method

What do you need to score well?


# 1. First of all capture all the key points which are very important because if you miss all the key points, you will not get a good score.

# 2. Secondly, you must sound fluent. If your speech is filled with too many hesitations or it sounds like you are stopping and thinking after every word or two, you will lose marks. This is a speaking test so your first preference is how you speak.

# 3. You should demonstrate good pronunciation – A common English speaker should be able to understand what you are saying.

# 4. Last, your response should be structured logically. Show an overall understanding of the image content.

In the subsequent sections, we will see what all to include in good response and how to do it step by step.

What are the common type of images that you can find in your questions?

The main types are Line Graph, Bar Graph, Pie Chart, Table, Process Diagram, Maps, and Life Cycle.

Pte can get creative and you can find images with a mix of these like one question which we will have both table and pie chart.



PTE Speaking Basics


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