What is PTE?

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What is PTE?

PTE is a computer-based exam that access your English capabilities and the entire exam format comprises of four sections.

A) Speaking
B) Writing
C) Reading
D) Listening

The entire exam takes two and a half hours to complete. Let’s take a look at different sections of PTE.

PTE Test Format

A) Speaking Section – It includes different task types within this section. They are five of them all together but usually, we tell students to focus on Describe Images and Retell Lecture sections, Why? Because it is the most challenging of the lot and the students usually struggle a lot with these questions. So, if you are one student who struggles with these two sections with enough practice and good technique, you should be able to master that. So don’t worry just take it slow and steady and try your best.

Read Aloud
Repeat Sentence
Describe Image
Re-Tell Lecture
Answer Short Questions

B) Writing Section – There are two task types here. The first being Summarize Written Text and the second being writing Essay. So students are given two to three Summarize Written Text questions whereby they are allotted ten minutes to finish each question. For writing an essay there is usually one or two questions in the exam. So students are given twenty minutes to finish an essay of around 200-300 words. Check out solved general essay topics. Writing section includes these two tasks –

Summarize Written Text
PTE Essay Topics

C) Reading Section – Here we have five tough types in the reading section. Usually, we should focus on the Re-Order Paragraphs and Fill In The Blanks because those contain the bulk of the marks and that’s why we tell students to focus on those tasks.

Multiple Choice (Choose Single Answer)
Multiple Choice (Choose Multiple Answer)
Re-order Paragraph
Reading: Fill In The Blanks
– Reading and Writing: Fill In The Blanks

D) Listening Section –

Summarize Spoken Text
Multiple Choice (Choose Multiple Answers)
Fill In The Blanks
Highlight Correct Summary
Multiple Choice (Choose Single Answer)
Select Missing Word
Highlight Incorrect Words
Write From Dictation

That’s a brief overview of what the exam format looks like and we hope that we helpful to you.

Why take PTE

So are you looking to take an English exam soon? If so, PTE might be a good option for you. So why to choose PTE? First of all, it is recognized by many Universities, Colleges,  and Governments worldwide. UK, US, Australia and New Zealand are among the few countries who accept PTE. It is also approved by the Australian Department of Immigration for migration or study abroad purposes. So you can get your score and you will be accepted into the universities or the countries that you desire to move to. Besides that PTE has very fair and consistent marking schemes, especially in the speaking and writing sections. So if you are a student that’s been struggling to score in speaking or writing sections in other English exams.

This exam might be very appealing to you in terms of it caters more fair and consistent marking in the speaking and writing sections. So also this exam is fully computer-based, so for those who are uneasy and uncomfortable dealing with examiners or interacting with people, maybe PTE would suit you better. Besides that PTE results usually come out within three days, sometimes you can even get it the day after your exam as well. So results are fast so you can get to make decisions quickly on how to improve and what your next step would be. For a lot of students that have never taken this exam before, PTE seems very daunting and complicated but with enough preparation in the good direction, we are very confident that you will be able to get the marks that your desire.

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