PTE Describe Image Practice With Answers – Sample Model Answer 10

PTE Describe Image – In this section, you will be given an image (graph, map, chart, table or picture). Look at the diagram below, study it in 25 seconds and give your answer in 40 seconds. 

Important Note: You are not expected to explain the whole image in 40 seconds. Just explain the key points.

PTE Describe Image Practice With Answers – Sample Model Answer 10


# Describe the given below life cycle.

This image represents the life cycle of a frog and the adult frog lays eggs which then get hatched. An Embryo emerges out of it and turns into tadpoles clinging to the water plant. The tadpoles use his external gills to breath and his tail keeps growing. After few days hind-legs starts to appear. A tadpole uses food stored in his tail for survival. A few days later front legs start to appear and tail becomes shorter. Thus tadpole turns into a young frog. After few days it becomes an adult frog which will lay more eggs to continue its kind.

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# Describe the given below image.

This pyramid represents the importance of the balance between Nutrition, Exercise and Sleep. A regular exercise along with a proper sleep schedule form the base of this pyramid and the nutrition is at the pinnacle. The nutrition basically depends upon the proper balance between exercise and sleep. In conclusion, a good exercise, enough sleep and balanced nutrition are the major pillars of a proper health and the balance between them is crucial.

# Describe the given below graph.

The bar graph shows the information about Carbon Di-Oxide emissions in the European Union measured in grams by different means of transportation. The highest Carbon Di-Oxide emission was found by Air that was more than 350 followed by Carbon Di-Oxide emission by Passenger. Buses, Coaches, Maritime and Rail have remained below 100 grams.

PTE Academic Speaking Describe Image practice samples

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