Pearson Test of English Describe Image 12 – PTE Academic Speaking

PTE Describe Image – Look at the diagram below, study it in 25 seconds and give your answer in 40 seconds. Here is Pearson Test of English Describe Image 12 – PTE Academic Speaking.

Important Note: You are not expected to explain the whole image in 40 seconds. Just explain the key points.

Pearson Test of English Describe Image 12 – PTE Academic Speaking


# Describe the given Bar Diagram.

Pearson Test of English Describe Image 12 - PTE Academic Speaking

This bar graph represents the percentage of people who buy rock music. The distribution is based on various age groups as well as gender. More males than females purchase rock music about 28% of males compared to 18% of females. The popularity of rock music is more for the age group of sixteen to twenty-four and twenty-five to thirty-four as compared to the age group of thirty-five to forty-four. The popularity of rock music decreases as the people go older which we can clearly see in the age group forty-five plus. In conclusion, males under age thirty-five form the majority and females over forty-five form the minority to purchase the rock music.

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# Describe the given below Pie-Chart.


The pie-chart shows European union funds spent on different forms of transport measured in percentage. The highest percentage of funds were spent on roads that were 52 percent followed by the percentage of funds spent on railways and public transport that were 31 and 10 percent respectively. The least percentage of funds were spent on Intermodal, Ports, Inland waterways, Airports that remained below 5 percent.

# Describe the given Life Cycle.

This image represents the natural water cycle. At first, water gets evaporated due to heat from the solar radiation. The water vapour rises in the sky in condensation occurs to form clouds. The clouds move to the wind currents in the sky. When the clouds come in the proximity of the mountains, precipitation occurs in the form of snow. Due to solar radiation, the snow melts and the melted water flows down towards the water reservoir to repeat the cycle. In conclusion, this natural cycle is the reason for all life on Earth.

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