PTE Essay Writing – Do you think consumer should avoid over packed products or is it the responsibility of producers

What do you think consumers should avoid over-packaging of goods or should prefer over packaging products? Is there any responsibility of producers in this concern? Give your opinion with relevant examples.

PTE Essay Writing – Do you think consumer should avoid over packed products or is it the responsibility of producers

Over-packing of products is one of the changing trends in this modern era. In this competitive world, producers try their hard best to attract their customers and over packing is one of the most effective factors to attract the customers with the attractive packing of their products. Producers for their benefits, sometimes ignore the prospects which are negative for our environment. So there are some analysts who come out with result that consumers should avoid over packed products while some analysts consider consumers should not avoid over packed products. This essay points out factors before deducting any reasonable conclusion.

There are some arguments in favor of over packed products. Manufacturers try out their best to attract customer with product new style and colorful packing because customers have the number of options in the market. So manufacturers assume that this step will force costumers to think before buying any product. Manufacturers cover the product with multiple layers to keep product fresh which is for customer’s benefit.

At last, it is only the customer who bears the over packing cost. Even sometimes, the cost of the packing is more than the product itself. For example in pharmaceutical industries, tablets and pills are found in much bigger and colorful strips than needed. Point to be noted here is that does the sales of this medicine increases by such attractive packing and the answer is no because the packing is of no concern to the consumers. If medicine would be in simple outlook, then surely the price would be low as compared to earlier. Sometimes packages used for the product are not environment-friendly and becomes a threat to people’s health.

Over packing for sure increases the cost of the product. This over packing boom should be checked by the producers on a serious note. Over packing should only be done where it is necessary and is required for the benefit of a customer without making environment unhealthy. Prescribed rules and regulations of Government must be followed by the producers. On the consumer’s note, product quality is important than the attractive packing. So considering all above points, a customer should make an informed decision whether or not to buy products that use over packaged.


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