PTE Academic Speaking Model Answer – PTE Describe Image Map 2

PTE Academic Describe (Map) – This is an exercise of a map diagram which is another common question type in PTE speaking exam. This is a process which shows two different picture diagram show proposal to transform Forest Raod between SE 8th and 85th Avenue. In this process 25 seconds will be given for image view and 40 seconds will be given to speak on this map diagram.


#.- Look at the map below and describe it in 40 seconds.

PTE Academic Speaking Model Answer - PTE Describe Image Map 2

The diagram show before and after images of Foster Road between SE 84th and 85th Avenue into a tree lined avenue that is much safer after new crossing, bicycle lanes and street tree are planted.

In this map, the planners propose to widen the sidewalk on the sides of the road and addition of new bicycle lanes. This has reduced the number of lanes for cars and heavy vehicle. A pedestrian crossing (zebra crossing) is also installed at the end of the street, near a gas station. The crossing also includes an island in the middle of the road where people can wait safely.

In addition to the safety, planners also planted trees along road side to transform the look of society and provide extra shade for pedestrians. Now the needs of local residents will be better served by making Foster Road safer than before and it looks more pleasant now.

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