PTE Mock Test 1 – Offline Practice Sample

In this article, we are going to do a PTE Mock Test. What does that mean? We are going to do one question from each PTE Task. So there are 20 PTE tasks in total and we are going to do one of each.

PTE Mock Test 1

PTE Mock Test 1

PTE Mock Test 1

Now, this will be the same level of activity as the actual PTE or we at least tried our hardest to make it the same level of difficulty. It should be very similar to the very least. We are going to look at instructions so we are going to show you that what to do in each of tasks. We look at scoring and we also going to show you our answers as we go. Let’s firstly talk about PTE Speaking.


PTE Speaking –


Let’s firstly talk about PTE speaking the first task “Read Aloud”. In this task, text appears on the screen and you simply need to read the text aloud. You will get 30 to 40 seconds to prepare to read aloud. Then you will get 30 to 40 seconds to speak or to read aloud properly when you’re actually recorded.

Small tip to solve to score well in PTE speaking Read Aloud

If you watch American news or you are familiar with newsreaders in your country you will get the benefit while reading. The way they read, you will notice lots of ups and downs. Basically, they don’t read like robots. Whatever you do but don’t read like a robot. The PTE really likes good inflection, ups and downs intonation. So we want you to read this with purpose and as emphatically as possible. You need to improve with every practice session.

How PTE Speaking scores are marked –

Content – Content means you read every word as they are. That means you don’t change anything, you don’t add anything, you don’t skip anything.
Pronunciation – Pronunciation is measured against native-like. In this, you just need to speak as clearly as you possibly can get. Keep your mouth moving.
Oral fluency – You also scored on oral fluency which is your ability to not hesitate. Do not M&R and just to let those words flow.

Read Aloud Question –

Materials inspired by disappearing Hollywood dinosaurs and real-life shy squid have been invented. The thin swatches can quickly change how they reflect heat, smoothing or wrinkling their surfaces in under a second after being stretched or electrically triggered. Potential uses include better camouflage for troops and insulation for spacecraft, storage containers, emergency shelters, clinical care, and building heating and cooling systems.

Answer – 

Practice more PTE Read Aloud Questions


2. Repeat Sentence


This is the second task of PTE speaking. The task – after listening to a recording of a sentence you just need to repeat that sentence back exactly as the original speaker said it.

Score marked on

Content – You need to repeat the same content as the original speaker speak in the same order
Pronunciation – Speak clearly as you possibly can
Oral fluency – In oral fluency again you want to mimic the intonation of the speaker

Repeat Sentence Question –

Answer – 

TRANSCRIPT (Only for reference, it will not be given in the real PTE Academic Test)

Clothing can affect your mood, your health, and your self-esteem.

Practice more PTE Repeat Sentence Questions


3. Describe Images


In this task, the image will appear on the screen and you need to describe the image in detail. You will get 25 seconds to prepare and 40 seconds to complete this task.

Score marked on
Content – You have to be speaking about the image in front of you. You can not memorize something else or you will get zero for everything.
Pronunciation – Be clearly as you can
Oral fluency – Speak without hesitating

Describe Image Question –

Answer – 

Transcript – 

These pie charts represent the amount of steel that was produced in the two years 2016 and 2017. China produced the most amount of steel and this increase between the two years from 49% to 49.2%. The rest of the world accounted for a significant amount of steel production at 10.9% in 2016 and 11.2% in 2017. The EU was also a significant contributor to steel production at around 10%. Overall China produces the most steel.

Practice more PTE Describe Image Questions

4. Retell Lecture


Tip for this task – In this task, you need a notebook or a piece of paper next to you. Please run and grab on because this task as with some of the other tasks, they’re impossible to do without pen and paper. For this, you need to take notes and you need to take good notes.

Task – After listening to or watching a lecture, re-tell the lecture in your own words. The lecture you hear or see will go for about 60 to 90 seconds. In this, you will get 10 seconds to prepare after that lecture has finished which isn’t much time at all. It’s just enough time to look at your notes and then you have 40 seconds to retell that lecture in your own words.

Scores are marked on three basic concepts

Content – You are scored on content so you must be speaking on topic and that really depends on the notes that you take. So you must take good notes.
Pronunciation – You must speak clearly.
Oral fluency – You should try and speak without hesitating as much as possible.

Screen looks like this –  

Listen to the audio and retell lecture –

TRANSCRIPT (Only for reference, it will not be given in the real PTE Academic Test)

The idea of eliminating poverty is a great goal. I don’t think anyone in this room would disagree. What worries me is when politicians with money and charismatic rockstars use the words it all just sounds so so simple. Now I’ve got no bucket of money today and I’ve got not policy to release and I personally haven’t got a guitar. I’ll leave that to others but I do have an idea and that idea is the called housing for health. Housing for health works with poor people. It works in the places where they live and the work is done to improve their health. Over the last twenty-eight years, this tough grinding dirty work has been done by literally thousands of people around Australia and more recently overseas and their workers have proven that focus design can improve even the poorest living environments. It can improve health and it can play a part in reducing if not eliminating poverty.

Check out the notes –

no 1 disagree
politicians/ rock stars – too simple
not rich, no policy, no guitar – idea
housing for health
help poor is comm.
28 years
1000s of Austr. World
focused design – health, poverty

Answer –

The speaker was discussing his idea about how to eliminate poverty. He said that no one disagrees that poverty should be eliminated. He mentioned that politicians and rock stars often speak about poverty elimination but their ideas are too simple. He is not rich, he doesn’t have a policy and he does not have a guitar but he has a great idea and the idea is called housing for health. The idea is that he will help poor people in the communities. Housing for health has been running for 28 years and has helped thousands of people worldwide including in Australia.

Practice more PTE Retell Lecture Questions

5. Answer Short Question


In this task, you will listen to a question and you answer with a single word or a few words.
Score is marked
Content – your answer should be correct
Pronunciation – speak clearly
Oral fluency – do not hesitate

Answer Short Question –

TRANSCRIPT (Only for reference, it will not be given in the real PTE Academic Test)

What do you call a brief summary at the beginning of a scientific research article?

Answer –


Practice more PTE Answer Short Question


PTE Writing

There are two tasks in PTE writing – Summarize Written Text and Essay


6. Summarize Written Text


Task – After reading a text, write a one-sentence summary of the passage. A single sentence summary. You’ll have 10 minutes. This task contributes to both sections reading and writing the score. So make sure that you read that summary or that text correctly and then write the single complex sentence.

You scored on four things –

Relevance: 0, 1, 2 – In this you need to be writing about the main idea in that text
Structure and Length: 0, 1 – You can’t write below 5 words and you can’t write more than seventy.
Grammatical accuracy: 0,1,2
Precise Vocabulary: 0,1,2

Summarize Written Text Question –

Monitoring in real time what happens in and around our bodies can be invaluable in the context of healthcare or clinical studies, but not so easy to do. That could soon change thanks to new, miniaturized sensors developed by researchers at the Tufts University School of Engineering that, when mounted directly on a tooth and communicating wirelessly with a mobile device, can transmit information on glucose, salt and alcohol intake. Researchers note that future adaptations of these sensors could enable the detection and recording of a wide range of nutrients, chemicals, and physiological states.
Previous wearable devices for monitoring dietary intake suffered from limitations such as requiring the use of a mouth guard, bulky wiring, or necessitating frequent replacement as the sensors rapidly degraded. Tufts engineers sought a more adaptable technology and developed a sensor with a mere 2mm x 2mm footprint that can flexibly conform and bond to the irregular surface of a tooth. In a similar fashion to the way a toll is collected on a highway, the sensors transmit their data wirelessly in response to an incoming radiofrequency signal.

The sensors are made up of three sandwiched layers: a central “bioresponsive” layer that absorbs the nutrient or other chemicals to be detected, and outer layers consisting of two square-shaped gold rings. Together, the three layers act like a tiny antenna, collecting and transmitting waves in the radiofrequency spectrum. As an incoming wave hits the sensor, some of it is canceled out and the rest transmitted back, just like a patch of blue paint absorbs redder wavelengths and reflects the blue back to our eyes.

Answer – Researchers have improved upon previous attempts to create wearable food monitors by developing a small three layered sensor that attaches directly to a tooth, which allows individuals to track food intakes such as glucose, salt, and alcohol.

Practice more PTE Summarize Written Text Questions


7. Essay


In this task, you need to write 200 to 300 words essay on a given topic and you have 20 minutes to do so which is not much time. So having a structure in your mind is a very clever idea.

Scoring: Write Essay
Content: 0,1,2,3
Write directly about question prompt. If you write indirectly about the question prompt you’ll immediately lose marks. Keep that question prompt in your mind at all times.
Length: 0,1,2,
Write between 200 and 300 words. People do ask do I get extra points for writing closer to 300 words. The answer is no, you just get two points for writing between 200 to 300 words.
Structure: 0,1,2
Use a logical structure
Grammar: 0,1,2
This is where a feedback on your writing might come in handy. You may need to know what mistakes you’re making but you should try and be as accurate as possible of course.
Precision: 0,1,2
You need to formulate your sentences. The combination of vocabulary and grammar as precisely as possible.
Vocabulary: 0,1,2
Only use words that you know well. You want to use appropriate and precise vocabulary and you need to spell everything correctly.
Spelling: 0,1,2
Choose British English or American English and stick with it.

Essay Question prompt

Urban sprawl is an increasing issue around the world. One way in which to solve this issue is to construct cities vertically rather than horizontally. Are such cities a good idea? Write between 200 and 300 words.


As the human population continues to increase around the world, people are increasingly moving to cities. As a result of the influx, cities are expanding into urban sprawl. One possible solution to the continual spread of suburbs is to build cities upwards rather than outwards. This essay will discuss why vertically constructed cities are a very good idea.

The main reason why building upward is good idea is that it contains cities to a smaller land mass area. The result in a far smaller impact on the surrounding natural environment, which means that forests, rivers, and oceans will be healthier. It goes without saying that urban sprawl is environmentally destructive. This is the single most important factor as to why cities should be built upwards.

The second most important reason why cities should be constructed vertically is that it creates more harmonious communities. People living in single apartment buildings are much more likely to interact in a more peaceful way because they don’t own separate plots of land. In my apartment, for example, people are very friendly to each other because they know each other whey well. This is another important effort of vertically constructed cities.

In conclusion, as the population continues to climb we need to begin to built taller cities. This essay discussed how vertical cities improve environmental conditions and result in friendlier communities. Clearly, buildings cities upwards is a very smart move.

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PTE Reading


8. Multiple Choice, choose Single Answer


Task – After reading a text, answer a multiple – choice question on the content or tone of the text by selecting one response. You should spend about 2 minutes on this task.

Skills texted

Read / Look for:
Main idea
Specific detail
Purpose/ Function
Opinion / Tone

Multiple Choice, Choose Single Answer Question –

Read the text and answer the multiple-choice question by selecting the correct response. Only one response is correct.

Question –

Psycholinguistics or psychology of language is the study of the psychological and neurobiological factors that enable humans to acquire, use and language. Initial forays into psycholinguistics were largely philosophical were largely philosophical venture, due mainly to a lack of cohesive data on how the human brain functioned. Modern research makes use of biology, neuroscience, cognitive science and information theory to study how the brain processes language. There are a number of subdisciplines for example, as neurolinguistics techniques for studying the neurological workings of the brain became more and more widespread, neurolinguistics has become a field in its own right.

According to the text, contemporary psycholinguistics can best be described as
A) philosophical
B) non-invasive
C) widespread
D) interdisciplinary
E) psychological
F) well-established

Answer D

Why – Modern research makes use of biology, neuroscience, cognitive science and information theory.
It is not philosophic, it was philosophical. (contemporary life psycholinguistics is not philosophical anymore)
Non-invasive it doesn’t make any sense. That is the word taken from the text.
Widespread – This is not correct either
Psychological – Psychological is wrong because it’s also taking into account biology and neurobiology.
Well-establish – You can see from the tone of the text that it’s a largely new field of studies. So it’s not well-established.

The answer is interdisciplinary because that’s the only one that makes sense. Modern research makes use of biology, neuroscience, cognitive science and information theory to study. So this would be the best distribution of contemporary psycholinguistics.

Practice more PTE Reading Multiple Choice Single Answer


9. Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers


This is pretty simple except obviously, you have to choose more than one. After reading a text answer a multiple choice question on the content or tone of the text by selecting more than one response. This time the text is going to be longer. In a single answer, it’s a hundred and ten words max. In multiple choice multiple answers it’s up to 300 words.


Suppose a question has four answer options: A, B, C and D

Let’s say A and B are correct options.

If you select A and B, you will score 2 points

If you select A, you will score 1 point, no points are lost for not selecting B

If you select B, you will score 1 point, no points are lost for not selecting A

If you select A, B, C. Now you have selected two correct and one wrong answer so you will get 1 point. 2 – 1 = 1

If you select A,B,C and D, you will score 2 – 2 = 0 points


Skill tested –

Read for specific detail more than anything.


Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers Question –

Engineering research shows that adoption of self-driving cars — also known as autonomous vehicles (AVs) — could significantly reduce the amount of valuable urban space dedicated to parking.

“In a parking lot full of AVs, you don’t need to open the doors, so they can park with very little space in between,” says Professor Matthew Roorda, senior author of a new study in Transportation Research Part B. “You also don’t need to leave space for each car to drive out, because you can signal the surrounding AVs to move out of the way.”

While traditional parking lots are configured for “islands” of cars that can each pull in or out of a spot, an AV parking lot could resemble a solid grid, with outer cars moving aside as needed to let the inner cars enter and exit. The researchers’ challenge was to determine the optimal size of the grid to maximize storage while minimizing the number of moves required to extract any given car.

“There’s a trade-off,” says Roorda. “If you have a very large grid, it leads to a lot of relocations, which means that it takes longer on average to retrieve your vehicle. On the other hand, if you have a number of smaller grids, it wastes a lot of space.”

Read the text and answer the question by selecting all the correct responses. You will need to select more than one response.

Question – What is professor Roorda attempting to do?
A) Improve the way in which AV’s signal to each other
B) Decrease the space needed between AVs when they are packed
C) Calculate the size of the parking grid to maximize AV storage
D) Decrease the number of movies needed to retrieve an AV
E) Reduce valuable urban space
F) Stop AVs from pulling out on each other

Answer – C and D

Explanation –

The answer comes from this single line of the paragraph – “The researchers’ challenge was to determine the optimal size of the grid to maximize storage while minimizing the number of moves required to extract any given car.”

Why is B incorrect
Because he was not attempting to decrease the space needed between AVs when they are packed. That wasn’t his attention.

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10. Reorder paragraph


Several text boxes appear on the screen in a random order. Put the text boxes in the correct order. Spend about 2 minutes in reorder paragraph.

What you need to do is
1. Read for the independent sentences
2. Then you need to think about Coherence/ Sentence flow
3. Logic

Reorder paragraph Question –

The text boxes in the left panel have been placed in a random order. Restore the original order by dragging the text box from the left panel to the right panel.

In the real exam, you will see the screen like this.

A) To learn more about how these groups of land mammals took on their characteristic girth when they turned aquatic, the researchers complied body masses for 3,859 living and 2,999 fossil mammal species from existing data sets.

B) From this analysis, the group found that once land animals take to the water, they evolve very quickly towards their new size, converging at around 1,000 pounds.

C) The analysis includes about 70 percent of living species and 25 percent of extinct species.

D) Although mammals that live in water share a similarly oblong body shape, they are not closely related.

E) Rather, seals and sea lions are closely related to dogs, manatees share ancestry with elephants, and whales and dolphins are related to hippos and other hooted mammals.

D – E – A – C – B

Practice more PTE Reorder Paragraph Questions


11. Fill in the blanks


A text appears on screen with several gaps. Drag words from the box below to fill the gaps. Only spend about a minute on this task.

Skill text

This text your knowledge and application of vocabulary and particularly collocation.

The Graduate Certificate in Peace and Conflict Studies is a coursework program aimed 1) __________ developing conceptual and empirical understanding in the field of peace and conflict studies. Students will gain a basic understanding 2) __________ how conflicts emerge and how they can be managed and solved 3) __________ a nonviolent manner. Topics covered span 4) __________ the local to the global and include issues such as peace and conflict studies theory, peacebuilding, conflict resolution and prevention, and contested peace.


A) at
B) from
C) about
D) in
E) to
F) of
G) within


1. A, 2. F, 3. D, 4. B


12. Reading and Writing: Fill in the blanks


A text appears on screen with several gaps. Fill in each gap from a drop-down list of response option. You’ll get about 3 minutes to do this.

Skill test

This test your understanding of word choice. So let’s say there are two answer options e.g “clean” vs “tidy”.

I cleaned the papers on my desk or I tidied the papers on my desk.

Which is the more precise verb here? The real precise one is tiny papers. You don’t clean papers, you tidy them. So there’s a semantic or meaningful difference between those two words and this task tests your ability to distinguish between those two or four words in this case.

Drop Down Fill In The Blanks Question –

Below is the text with blanks. Click on each blank in the real exam, a list of choice will appear. Select the appropriate choice for each blank.

Anyone who has sat down to a summer crab feast knows how hard, messy and delicious they are. But University of Cincinnati biologist Bruce Jayne found some water snakes that specialize in catching and consuming live crabs, without the 1) __________ (benefit/ distraction/ taste/ technicality) of mallets, bibs or utensils. Snakes can’t chew their food so anything they eat must be bite-sized, even if this amuse-bouche sometimes is an antelope.

A species of water snake in Malaysia 2) __________ (applies/ adapts/ defies/ obeys) this limitation by ripping crabs into 3) __________ (achievable/ manageable/ viable/ reasonable) bite-sized pieces, Jayne found. “Tigers can take huge prey. But for most snakes, the limit on prey size is what they can swallow whole,” said Jayne, a professor of biological sciences in UC’s McMicken College of Arts and Sciences. Jayne studies the gape of snake mouths to determine how this physical limitation factors into a snake’s hunting behavior and choice of prey.

He examined the feeding 4) __________ (habits/ rituals/ practice/ modes) of three species of mildly venomous water snakes living side by side in southeast Asia: one that ate hard-shelled crabs, one that ate soft-shelled crabs and a third that ate snapping shrimp. He found that snakes that hunt soft-shelled crabs can take on prey four times 5) __________ (denser/ heavier/ richer/ bigger) than they otherwise could swallow whole.


1 – benefit, 2 – defies, 3 – manageable, 4 – habits, 5 – bigger

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PTE Listening


13. Summarize Spoken Text


You will hear a short lecture. Write a summary for a fellow student who was not present at the interview. You should write 50 – 70 words. You have 10 minutes to finish this task. Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points presented in the interview.

TRANSCRIPT (Only for reference, it will not be given in the real PTE Academic Test)

An African proverb that goes the lion’s story will never be known as long as the hunter is the one to tell it. More then a racial converse we need a racial literacy to decode the politics of racial threat in America. Key to this literacy is a forgotten truth that the more that we understand that our cultural differences represent the power to heal the centuries of racial discrimination dehumanization and illness. Both of my parents were African American. My father was born in southern Delaware my mother in North Philadelphia and these two places are different from each other as East is from West as New York City is from Montgomery Alabama. My father’s way of dealing with racial conflict was to have my brother Brian my sister Christy and I in Church would see like 24 hours a day seven days a week. If anybody bothered us because of the color of our skin he believed that you should pray for them knowing that God would get them back in the end. You can say that his racial coping approach was spiritual for later on one day like Martin Luther King. My mother’s coping approach was a little different she was you could say more relational. Right now like in your face right now. More like Malcolm X.


The speaker was discussing race relations in the USA. More specifically, he was talking about how culture plays an important role in racism and he believes that understanding cultural differences is key to resolving racial issues. He mentioned that his parents were both African American and that they had very different ways of dealing with racism. While his father was religiously passive, his mother was more social aggressive.

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14. Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers


After listening to a recording, answer a multiple – choice question on the content or tone of the recording by selecting more than one response. Now time to answer, if you take good notes which we suggest you do. It will take only 45 seconds at max to choose your answer or answers.

TRANSCRIPT (Only for reference, it will not be given in the real PTE Academic Test)

What do you think would happen if you invited an individual had been living on the streets for many years had meant health issues understanding alcoholic to movie directly from the street into housing. We’d heard this has been done in New York City and we wondered and was called the housing first model and we wondered if it would work in Utah. So to make that determination we decided to create a pilot and kita was one of the seventeen chronically homeless individuals we included in as a pilot. She has been on the street for 20 plus years has mental health and was a severe alcoholic. The first night in her apartment she put her blinds on the bed and slept on the floor. The next three nights she slept out by the dumpster near the apartment building. With the aid of her case manager, she moved back into her apartment but continue to sleep on the floor for several nights that took over two weeks for her to develop enough trust and confidence. The disappointment was hers and would not be taken away from her before she starts sleeping in the bed. Policies are a continuing challenge for many cities throughout her country.


A) She was 17 years old
B) She was a homeless and an alcoholic
C) She had to move from New York to Utah
D) She finally moved back to the streets
E) She eventually learned to sleep on the bed
F) She couldn’t afford the rent of the new apartment


B – E

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15. Fill in the Blanks


Task – A transcript of recording appears on screen with several gaps. After listening to the recording, type the missing word in each gap.


My subject today is learning. And in that 1) __________, I want to spring on you all a pop quiz. Ready? When does learning begin? Now as you 2) __________ that question, maybe you’re thinking about the first day of preschool or kindergarten, the first time that kids are in the classroom with a teacher. Or maybe you’ve called to mind the toddler 3) __________ when children are learning how to walk and talk and use a fork. Maybe you’ve encountered the Zero-to-Three movement, which asserts that the most important years for learning are the 4) __________ ones. And so your answer to my question would be: Learning begins at birth. Well today I want to present to you an idea that may be surprising and may even seem 5) __________, but which is supported by the latest evidence from psychology and biology. And that is that some of the most important learning we ever do happens before we’re born.


spirit, ponder, phase, earliest, implausible

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16. Highlight correct summary


After listening to the recording, select the paragraph that best summaries the recording.

TRANSCRIPT (Only for reference, it will not be given in the real PTE Academic Test)

My middle child Oliver was born with a rare form of muscular dystrophy or mg. Mg affects his muscle strengths his pulmonary system distrust his body and makes everyday life more challenging than most. From the time he could walk which was until about two and a half he had to wear leg braces for stability. Because he wasn’t growing appropriately he had to wear a feeding tube that was placed on his face. He endured stairs and so did I. But my husband Greg and I told him that no matter what he was just like everybody else. But everyday tasks for Oliver that we all take for granted were incredibly challenging that simple act of dressing yourself. A very thing that I adore was a nightmare for him. His form of Md does not affect his mind. His brain is an A+ which means he’s acutely aware of his shortcomings. This becomes very evident when he started school and that daily act of dressing yourself was a constant reminder of what he could and could not do.


A) Oliver suffered from a rear form of muscular dystrophy that has degenerated both his body and mind. Dressing Oliver is a particularly frustrating process, according to this mother, because he suffers from pain.
B) Oliver’s muscular dystrophy is only physical meaning that his mind is normal, which made it particularly different for him when he reached school age. Oddly getting dressed was a function that made Oliver acutely aware of his disease.
C) Muscular dystrophy is a genetic disease that is passed down through the mother. The women speaking about Oliver, her son, revealed that she has trouble with everyday tasks.
D) Muscular dystrophy is an extremely rare disease. Oliver contracted the disease when he was around 2.5 years old. He is now school aged and he being bullied for his differences.

Answer – B

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17. Multiple Choice, Choose Single Answer


Task – After listening to a recording, answer a multiple – choice question on the content or tone of the recording by selecting one response.

Question – What did the speaker think about his dentist?


It’s 4 a.m. in the morning. I’m waking up in a Boston hotel room and can only think of one thing tooth pain. One of my ceramic inlays fell off the evening before. Five hours later I’m sitting in a dentist’s chair but instead of having a repair of my inlay so that I can get rid of my pain. The dentist pitchers me on the advantages of a titanium implant surgery. Ever heard of that it essentially means to replace a damaged tooth by an artificial one that is screwed into your jaw. Estimated costs for the implant surgery may add up to ten thousand US dollars. Replacing this ROM inlaid before would come at 800 US dollars. Was it my health all the money that could be earned with me that was the biggest concern for my dentist.


A) His clinic was unhygienic
B) He lacked professional integrity
C) He was excessively wealthy
D) His solution was ingenious
E) His technical knowledge was lacking

Answer – B

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18. Select Missing word


After listening to a recording, select the missing word that completes the recording from a list of options.

TRANSCRIPT (Only for reference, it will not be given in the real PTE Academic Test)

Now I know we live in a capitalist society and profits matter a lot. So let’s look at it from a financial angle, shall we? The US nonprofit arts industry generates more than 166 billion dollars in economic activity. It employs 5.7 million people and it returns twelve point six billion dollars in tax revenue. But this is only a financial angle right we all know that the arts are way more than just an economic value. The arts bring meaning to life is the spirit of our culture. It brings people together and it supports creativity and social ___________.


A) responsibility
B) refuge
C) isolation
D) entrepreneurship
E) cohesion

Answer – E

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19. Highlight Incorrect Words


The transcript of a recording appears on the screen. While listening to the recording, identify the words in the transcript that differ from what is said.

Transcript of a recording – identify the different words

Attention allows us to notice, select and direct the brain’s computational resources to a strata of all that’s available. We can think of attention as the leader of the brain. Wherever attention goes, the rest of the brain follows. In some way, it’s your brain’s boss. And over the last 15 years, I’ve been studying the human brain’s attention system. In all of our studies, I’ve been very interested in one question. If it is indeed the case that our attention is the brain’s boss, is it a good boss? Does it actually convoy us well? And to dig in on this big question, I wanted to know three things. First, how does attention control our perception? Second, why does it fail us, often leaving us feeling foggy and distracted? And third, can we do anything about this fogginess, can we train our brain to set better attention?


strata (subset)

way (sense)

convoy (guide)

set (pay)

For More Practice – PTE Academic Listening Highlight Incorrect Words


20. Write form Dictation


After listening to a recording of a sentence, type the sentence. You will get 20 seconds to type text.

TRANSCRIPT (Only for reference, it will not be given in the real PTE Academic Test)

When we hold our baby for the first time, we might imagine that they’re clean slates.

Answer (Two possible answers) –

  1. When we hold our baby for the first time, we might imagine that they’re clean slates.
    2. When we hold our babies for the first time, we might imagine that they are clean states.


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