Essay on Right to Information

We are going to write an essay on right to information in 250 words. First of all we will learn what is right to information act / RTI? What is the importance of right to information act? About RTI meaning: RTI is a multi-tier approach to support students with learning behaviour needs. RTI is a process that helps in universal screening and high-quality instruction of the children in the general education classroom. In an essay on RTI you will find all the information related to RTI that you need to discuss in your exam. Let us know if you need an essay on right to information pdf.

Essay on Right to Information

Essay on Right to Information

Essay on Right to Information

Right to Information Act empowers the people of India to get information from government. The ‘Right to Information’ Bill was passed by the Parliament and this bill was accepted by the President on June 15, 2005. This law came into force on 12th October 2005 except for Jammu and Kashmir.

The main purpose of this right is to make every conscious citizen easy to make their desired information available. If a department or organisation denies information, then the complaint can be lodged against them in the Central Information Commission.

It has been given the status of Fundamental Rights, incorporated under Article 19A of the Constitution of India. Any citizen can obtain the information of the work, role, mode of operation and other of the government or institution. With the help of the right, all citizens are to carry out the information, and to move the government’s functioning towards transparent and more responsive governance.

This is a meaningful effort to improve the functioning of the government and officials and bring transparency. The right to information will be a historic step to control corruption in the country and to control the red tape in the occupied officials.

For a healthy democracy, it his necessary for office bearers to be accountable for posts. A common citizen has the right to know what plan has come for him by the government. Is that plan worthwhile? Is that plan being implemented properly? What has been spent according to the budget? In such a situation, the right to information becomes very important to bring accountability and to bring transparency.

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