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We are going to write a short essay on newspaper. You may get something like an essay on importance of newspaper in our daily life? What is importance of Newspaper essay? Value of newspaper essay? What are benefits of essay on importance of newspaper in student life or importance of reading newspaper essay? Newspaper contains written information on current events they help readers to know what is going around the world. You need to write newspaper essay in English language in 300 words. Now you can write an essay on newspaper for class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. Read essay on importance of newspaper.

Essay on Newspaper in English

Essay on Newspaper

Importance of Newspaper Essay

Essay on newspaper 300 Words

Newspaper is one of the most important means of communication in the world. There are newspapers in almost every language. Newspaper have helped to spread knowledge.

Newspaper gives us news, views, reviews and previews. Sometimes the word NEWS is interpreted as North, East, West and South. It means that the newspapers provide us with information and news regarding different subjects from all the directions.

Newspapers also give us articles on all kinds of topics such as political, social, economic, business commerce, sports, education, health etc. The Newspapers have different columns devoted to different topics. In them, we have matrimonial, editorial, readers, employment, women’s children’s and other columns.

Burning problems of the world are discussed in the newspapers. Elaborate articles by experts and specialists appear in them. Them the reader’s views and opinion and published in the reader’s column.

Newspapers are very powerful vehicles. They carry a lot of advertisements which attract the attention of customers. Advertisements are essential to run a paper. Newspapers can make or change a government as they act as powerful public opinion changes. They also contain book reviews of literary, historical and other books by eminent scholars.

We must not be misled by the views expressed in newspapers. We must weigh them on the scale of reason, as some newspapers may be prejudiced. But normally newspapers are important means for spreading literacy.

Children can enjoy the cartoon columns in newspapers, children can send their drawings to be published in the newspapers. So, newspapers are very useful in our society.

Essay on Importance of Newspaper 300 Words

Newspaper is a powerful means to spread knowledge and important information to the people. It increases the global connection between people and helps the people connect to each other. Well, early in the morning we receive newspaper in our house and get the latest information about various things happening in the world.
Newspaper is a reliable source of information as it only prints the news after proper investigation.

They are easily available in almost every region of the world and make people aware of certain important things around them. It is an economical means to get knowledge at a very low cost. Newspapers are available in different languages and thus it makes it easy for the people to read and get information in their own language.

Diverse topics are discussed and printed on newspapers such as related to business, sports, political, health, fitness and much more. Every column of the newspaper is reserved for a particular domain and topic. We can find jobs on newspaper in the employment column. Then there is a matrimonial column that helps people find their perfect match for marriages. Other than this, there are editorial, readers and many other columns that provide vast variety of information to the readers.

Newspapers are also a great means for advertising various kinds of products and services. Many big companies and firms advertise through newspapers as it help them gain popularity and huge client base. The newspaper firms earn a lot through these advertisements.

Well, there are various positive aspects of a newspaper, however there’s a negative side as well. Sometimes the newspaper companies publish fake news for the sake of some bucks and to provoke people for certain social issues which sometimes lead to fights and bloodshed. Hence, it is important that we should read news that is completely true and should not take any decisions pertaining to the news given in the paper.

Essay on newspaper 400 Words

At the morning a newspaper and a cup of tea give a good start to our day. We come to know what happened and what is going to happen in the world, in our country, in our society. The newspaper is the most famous source of information among people. Its easily available everywhere in every language and of course the newspaper is a common thing among every class of society. In this highest technological era newspaper did not lose its identity. The Newspaper comes under print media.

The first known newspaper was introduced in 59 B.C. in Rome by Julius Caesar to make people aware of social and political events. Its name was ‘Acta Diurna’. Formerly it was used to carved on metal or stones and it was limited to some special cities. Now it is digitally available on your mobiles. The history of the newspaper is very vast and interesting. Along with providing information, the newspaper played an important role in the independence of India.

Newspaper is an integral and vital part of our lives. It is a messenger, it is announced, it is a source of knowledge, it is the broadcaster and it is also a powerful medium of awareness. It gives information about the events happening in the world, not just social and political. Along with news, this is also the medium of advertising. In this, advertisements for goods, services and recruitments are broadcasted. There are also missing, lost-found and government releases. Through the newspaper, we are aware of all the events around us.

Where on one side there are many advantages to the newspaper and on the other hand there are some drawbacks too. Sometimes newspapers use false and old stories to increase their credibility. Although people have to pay a monthly fee for the newspaper yet the main medium is advertising. Due to this, the newspapers print the ads without authenticity and are also get rid of by asking the readers to work with their discretion. Due to this, the masses sometimes have to take heavy losses too.

Without the newspaper, our contact will be cut off from the world. Of course, the newspaper is not only information and advertising but a powerful and all-encompassing medium of expressing your thoughts and reaching those thoughts to the world. Newspapers should read all the general public and also those who say, “We had no information about this till now, we will take action soon.” With this, not only on Holi and Diwali by the newspaper but throughout the year should keep motivating the masses for pollution control and water conservation.

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