Population of India Essay

Today we are going to discuss the Population of India Essay. Short Essay on population problem in India was asked in recently in CBSE exam. Indian is facing the biggest problem in controlling the population of India. The population of India essay for class 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. Learn and give your feedback on the Population of India Essay.

Population of India Essay

Essay on population problem in India

Population of India Essay in English

There are many problems to say in India if seen, the root of every problem is somewhere related to India’s vast population. Today India is ranked 7th with 2.4% of the world’s geographical area, whereas in the case of population, it is second in the world with 17.6% of the population.

The main reason of population growth in India is unemployment and illiteracy are reported. It also causes due to child marriage, polygamy marriage, boy’s importance and ignorance about family planning remedies. In addition to, in which society the status of women is subordinate, that society has a high fertility rate.

The problem of population growth causes many other problems. The food produced every year remains insufficient and it becomes expensive. Because of which the prices of other useful items also increase. Unemployment, poverty, pollution, corruption, chaos, illiteracy, beggary, and other social and economic crimes are somewhere due to this population increase.

To control the population growth, it will have to popularize the programs of family planning in the public, the ‘want of boy will have to be removed and the public should be educated. The government should reward the couple who produce less offspring. This will encourage people to reduce the child’s origin. The exclusion of more children producers at the administrative and social level can also be an effective solution

The population growth rate in India, which was 2.3% in 1981, decreased to 1.2 in 2016. From this, we can expect that this rate will be stable in the near future. From this, we can understand that the measures of control of the population are getting positive results. For a better future we have to improve our present, only then we will give something to the next generation.

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