Unemployment Problem in India Essay

Today we will talk about an unemployment problem in India essay. India is going through a tough time in generating employment for the common man. There are many problems of Unemployment in India (pdf). You need to write an essay on unemployment Problem in India in which we will discuss cases of unemployment Problem in India. Unemployment Problem in India in English essay.

Unemployment Problem in India Essay

Essay on Unemployment Problem in India

Unemployment Problem in India essay

Unemployment means a state of having no job. People need a job or work for money so that they could feed the family and arrange stuff for livelihood. Unemployment is a very serious problem in India. We must find out a way to get rid of this serious problem otherwise it might be very dangerous for the development of our country. Recent research says that India is the youngest country in the world but still there are lots of unemployed youth in the country.

Lack of interest in the study, defective education system, large population, afraid to take the risk while commencing a new business, etc. are some of the causes of unemployment in India. It is impossible to give employment to all, therefore, people should start their own business but they afraid to take the risk, the improper study does not improve their working skills, thus they remain unskilled and unemployed. Unemployment also leads to some illegal activities for earning fast and easy money.

It is difficult to solve this problem but not impossible. We must aware people about the advantages of family planning, people can be encouraged to commit their own business and give employment to others as well as themselves. The government should start some easy plans for helping people. They should be helped in their skill development and studies.

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