Water conservation Essay

Read water conservation essay in English for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. Conservation of water essay is important because it is based on freshwater and to protect the hydrosphere. Know the importance of water conservation.

Water conservation Essay

Water Conservation Essay 300 Words

Water is the most essential element of life on earth. It’s the first need and necessity of a living being. Water conservation is a hot topic nowadays as we human beings are not making the correct use of water and wasting it unnecessarily. Water conservation simply means that we should use water wisely and does not contribute to water scarcity.

We need water for absolutely everything- for growing and making food, generating electricity, washing and the list is non-ending. It plays an integral role in our lives and we must find ways to conserve this precious gift of nature.

By reducing the consumption of water and recycling the wastewater for various purposes we can take the first step towards water conservation. Agricultural irrigation, cleaning and many other things can be done using wastewater.

According to facts, there’s only 3% fresh water available for the total water in the world. And most of the water is trapped in icebergs. So there’s an urgent need to understand water scarcity problem arising day by day. However, we are still exploiting this small amount of water for our own selfish needs.

Agriculture is the main occupation of the people in India and so we are heavily dependent on rainfall for crop harvest. Agriculture largely relies on water scarcity and climate. Therefore, it is necessary to make farmers aware of different water conservation methods so that they can use water judiciously.

Now, again we can blame high population the reason behind the water crisis. People are migrating from rural to urban areas due to good jobs, education, and a better lifestyle. However, urban areas do not have enough infrastructure and space to accommodate these people. Also, our water bodies are getting polluted due to more industrial and household waste. This has ultimately led to water scarcity and we are still suffering from it.

But here are some things we can do to preserve water. Firstly, we need to use buckets for bathing instead of using showers or tubs. Another thing we can do is reducing the use of electricity. Power plants that generate electricity consume a lot of water so if we use less electricity we are ultimately saving water for us.

Rainwater harvesting is another water conservation technique that helps save a lot of water. Water that we use for washing fruits and veggies should not be drained. It can be again used to water the plants in your garden. So this is how we can contribute to conserving water and making mother nature happy.

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