Save Water Essay in English – Save Water Save Life Essay

Read an essay on save water for students for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. Learn how to save water essay; this will help know how you can save our planet. Water is an important part of everyone on this planet still people are not aware that we have only little amount of drinking water. If we will save water we can save life as well. Now you can learn more about save water save life essay 200 words alone with save water essay in English.

Save Water Essay

Save Water Essay

Why We Should Save Clean Water?

Water is a must for every living being. Especially for humans, as 70% of a human body consists of water. If considering our daily activities, our each and every action is dependent on water. If only a day, water doesn’t come, we all feel like lifeless. Not only humans, animals, plants and other living bodies need water for their existence on earth. Even though we are encompassed by immense water bodies (around three-fourth of the Earth’s surface) on earth, yet we have only 1% of water fit for drinking. So it ends up significant for us to save water and stay away from its wastage.

These days, water gets polluted from the waste materials of businesses, sewage, poisonous synthetic concoctions, and other waste items. The primary reason for water shortage and clean water contamination is the consistently expanding population and quick industrialization and urbanization. The disposable of waste to rivers and oceans results in water contamination, which causes a shortage of drinking water. 

As we realize that there is now a shortage of water so it is really needed that whatever amount is accessible on earth should be used appropriately with no wastage. We all should take the initiative to promote awareness among everyone to SAVE WATER. In case, if we still continue to wastewater, our future generation will never get clean water and will face survival difficulty. 

Because of the clean water shortage, individuals can’t satisfy their essential needs in numerous territories. As indicated by the ongoing examination, it has been discovered that around 19% of Indian general population does not get fresh water. We have to hold hands together to manage the clean water shortage through different best and most appropriate strategies with the adage “Save Water, Save Life, Save World”.

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