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Environment Essay – Hello Students today we are going to learn Environment Essay for all classes. Environment essay was asked in SSC exam and in 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 classes. Sometime you may get a question like “Save environment essay” or “essay on save fuel for better environment” or “save fuel for better environment essay” and “our environment essay in English.”

Environment Essay

Save Environment Essay

Environment Essay 400 Words

An environment is everything that has surrounded us. It is for everyone that can be living or non-living. An environment is a mix of all physical, chemical and other natural forces. Those who are living in the environment are always interactive with each other and they use to adapt themselves to conditions in the environment. In this environment different interactions held between everyone living there who includes interactions human beings, animals, and soil, water, insects and other living and non-living things.

An environment is having different meanings for people of different dynamics like if we have people of electromagnetic environment then their environment will consist of radio waves, electromagnetic radiations and magnetic fields. Similarly, galactic environment refers to conditions between the stars. A person’s environment consists of people, physical things and places that person lives with.  It affects a person’s body, mind, and heart as well.

The natural environment consists of all living and non-living things that an organism has to effect on it. The innatural environment we have both renewable and non-renewable resources. Few examples of renewable resources are sunlight, fish, forests etc. These are referred to be as renewable because they come back naturally when we use it. However, on the other hand, ores, fossil fuels are the example of non-renewable resources. These resources should be used in an organized manner as these are limited resources and we should preserve them for our future generations as well.

We should always maintain the balance to keep our environment safe and healthy. However, it can be seen today that the ignorance of mankind creating a big imbalance in nature resulting in many natural calamities like flood, Tsunamis, storms etc. We can see that trees are cutting down, concrete jungles are building, water resources are getting wasted, Pollution is becoming uncontrollable, soil pollution is increasing, air is getting worst day-by-day. So these all issues are making survival of human difficulty. If these shouldn’t be stopped then the day is not far when there will be no life on earth.

So it is our moral responsibility to repay what our earth our environment has given to us. We should care for our environment in the same way that the environment does. The environment will always be in the way which we will create. If we will value our natural resources then only we will be able to get the optimum use of them. We should always focus on preserving our resources for our future generation as well.

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