Mahatma Gandhi Essay in English

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Mahatma Gandhi Essay

Our Father of Nation – Mahatma Gandhi Essay in 500 Words

In India, Mahatma Gandhi is a legend and an inspiring personality who fought for our independence against Britishers and got success. He is none other than a superhero for us with great preaching and sorted knowledge. The full name of Mahatma Gandhi is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He was born in Porbandar Gujarat in a Hindu family on October 2, 1869. He is also called as Mahatma and Bapu Ji.

When the British started its rule in India, Bapu was in England for his law studies. After completing his studies, he came back to India and started supporting Indians to raise their voice against British rule. He began non-violence moment as he wants to end the things in a great manner. He got offended many times yet he proceeded with his peaceful battle for the Independence of India. After his arrival in India, he joined the Indian National Congress as a part. Being a part of the Indian National Congress, he started various independence moments like Non-Cooperation, Civil Disobedience, Satyagraha, Dandi March and later Quit India Movement which wound up effective a day and helps India in getting an opportunity.

Due to his great strategies and being a freedom fighter, he got arrested many times and sent to jail. But, his dedication and high spirit help him to continue his battle for justice. Called as a father of the nation, he put all his efforts to make India free of British rule and live an independent country. He made a unity of people of all castes, religions, race, community, age or gender to step forward for the independence movement which he used all through the period.

All his dedication finally forced Britishers to quit India and go back to their country on 15th August 1947, which we all celebrate every year as India Independence Day. Sadly, he could not continue his life after independence as he was killed by Nathuram Godse on 30th January 1948.

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