Essay on Water

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Essay on Water

Essay on Water 300 Words

Water is one of the most basic necessities of life and it is impossible to survive without it. Every living being present on the earth requires water for the proper functioning of their body. It not only helps us survive but also plays a significant role in our day to day activities. The earth itself is composed of 70% of water, however, not all the water is safe for consumption. Hence, we need to realize its importance and use it wisely. As we can see prevailing water scarcity in different parts of the world, so it’s high time we start conserving water.

Water has numerous uses and it is used extensively in agriculture as it is the main occupation of India. The process of irrigation and nurturing cattle require a large amount of water. Therefore, farmers make much use of water and largely depend on it.

Industries, on the other hand, require water for various purposes such as processing certain goods, cooling, and manufacturing. Also, thermal power plants make use of water extensively. In addition to all this, water is also used for domestic purposes such as for drinking, washing clothes, cleaning, gardening etc. Thus, we need water to run some of the basic functions of life.

Plants and animals need water to survive. Water is an essential component of life that helps one to survive and function properly. However, people are ignorant of the water scarcity and thus keep on exploiting this natural resource without even thinking about its consequences.

So it’s the need of an hour to unite together with the government and take remedial measures to conserve water for our future generations and to use it wisely before it’s too late. One must follow the guidelines provides by the government to save water and one of which is rainwater harvesting- a great way to save water and use it for various purposes.

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