Autumn Season Essay

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Autumn Season Essay

Autumn Season Essay

Autumn season starts before the starting of winters usually in the month of September. Specifically, the autumn season ranges between September and November in the northern hemisphere. This season is also known as fall season in many countries. Autumn season commences with its own beauty and brings the moments of joy and happiness. This season adds extraordinary beauty in nature and the environment as compared to other seasons.

During autumn or fall, you can see the beautiful colours on the tree leaves like vivid yellow, rich reddish-brown, ochre and the scraps of the trees and plants beautifully coloured and splattered around everywhere. Well, you can experience the best of nature during this season as you can see the changing colours of the trees that turn from lush green to shades of red, orange and brown. Many people make travel plans during this season as it is one of the most pleasant seasons of the year along with exhibiting the most beautiful aspects of nature.

Also, during fall, there are diverse varieties of sweets available in the market such as candies, caramelized apples, bonbons, fudges and much more. In addition to this, you can have the delicious apple pies, pumpkin pies and any kind of pie you desire. Well, it’s not only about food and sweets, another interesting thing about the autumn season is we can wear fashionable clothes that exhibit unique style statement and many designers come up with the exclusive designs for their autumn collection.

After experiencing the scorching sun in the summers, autumn brings cool winds and help us get relieved from the intense heat. The climate gradually starts cooling down and the heat waves become less severe thus enabling people to come out of their houses and enjoy the evenings.

In conclusion, the autumn season brings a lot of excitement and zeal among the people as it is the season to take pleasure in the beauties of nature.

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