Essay on Summer Season

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Essay on Summer Season

Essay on Summer Season 300 Words

Summer season is one of the most enjoyable seasons of the year as it involves a month break from schools and colleges and kids get an opportunity to travel to different places during their vacation in the summers. However, it is the hottest season and brings a lot of discomfort to the animals and birds as most of the ponds and lakes dry up due to heat and they do not get water to drink. Summers usually last between March to July and people during these months tend to go to the hill stations to save themselves from the scorching heat of the sun.

During summers, the days are longer and the nights are shorter, this is because when the North Pole inclines towards the sun, the summers are commenced in the northern hemisphere and winters in the southern hemisphere. The days become warmer and the sky becomes clear and shining. There is a wide range of fruits and vegetables available in this season and mango is the most favourite fruit of the people during the summers.

Lately, summers are being hotter due to a variety of man-made and natural factors. During summers, people usually suffer from dehydration problems as most of the moisture is absorbed by the heat present in the atmosphere. So it is essential to drink plenty of water during summers to keep you hydrated and healthy, we must resort to water-filled fruits such as watermelons to intake adequate amount of water daily. Many times groundwater level decreases which leads to droughts in many areas.

Therefore, although the summer season brings a lot of joy among kids and students, it also affects mankind badly due to too much heat. So it is important that people should stay in homes and enjoy cold drinks and smoothies to avoid the heat and kids can also play indoor games to enjoy their holidays.

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