Wildlife Conservation Essay

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Wildlife Conservation Essay

Wildlife Conservation Essay

Wildlife conservation refers to the protection of wildlife that is essential to maintain ecological balance in the environment. However, the wildlife on this earth is exposed to various dangers due to human activities that regularly destroy the forests and wildlife to fulfil their own needs. Due to deforestation and over-exploitation of natural resources, many species on the earth are on the verge of extinction. 

Due to increasing population, urbanization is growing thus leading to the deterioration of the forest cover. This has ultimately led to the destruction of the wildlife which has resulted in the imbalance of nature. Therefore, it’s the need of an hour to conserve the wildlife in order to protect the species and contribute to the beautification of the earth and its green cover.

Here are some of the ways through which we can conserve the wildlife:

Enacting protected areas to maintain the natural habitat of the animals is a great way to conserve the wildlife. Government has established various national parks, wildlife reserves and sanctuaries to protect the wildlife and various laws are passed to ensure that no one tries to harm the animals.

The government should start awareness campaigns in order to educate people about the significance of wildlife as many people are unaware of its importance and harm the nature and wildlife by cutting down trees and building houses and buildings for commercial use. Awareness can be spread through social media channels which are a great means to influence the people.

Government has also introduced various wildlife conservation laws that have proven to protect the wildlife up to some extent. However, there’s still a long way to conserve wildlife and nature. Laws cannot do anything unless we strive hard to protect wildlife and its beauty. It is our prime responsibility to pay back the debt to the mother nature who has bestowed us with numerous resources to survive. 

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