Time and Tide Wait for None Essay

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Time and Tide Wait for None Essay

Time and Tide Wait for None Essay

No one is granted with so much power that he can stop time and this is what is depicted by this phrase “time and tide wait for none”. Stopping the march of time is beyond the control of a man therefore it is important to understand the significance of time to use it wisely in our life.

The time comes with a limit which means that we have only 24 hours in a day and we should make the best use of this time to become successful in life. Have you ever been able to stop the tides at the seashore? No obviously not, no matter how hard you try to do that you will never be able to hold it. Similarly, you can never hold time in your hands to complete your pending work.

In our life we come across different situations some are happy and some are sad, however, time does not stop no matter how happy or miserable you are feeling at that particular moment. So, a man must utilize the time to create positive development in society rather than wasting time on things that doesn’t seem to help you in future. So if you don’t use time appropriately, you will regret later. Children who do not pay attention to studies during their school time and waste their time on unnecessary things always feel a lack of knowledge in their later life.

All great personalities who have brought a revolution in the society have those same 24 hours but they used this time in a great way to bring changes in the world that created history. So it is our choice to either waste time on insignificant pursuits or utilize it to help the nation grow and succeed.

So if we make each and every moment count, we can live and sleep peacefully as we will be content with our life and work. We must capture every opportunity that comes in our way to become successful and to never waste our precious time on things that doesn’t actually matter. Spending time with our loved ones, doing the best at your workplace and managing time properly will definitely help you reach the acme of success in life.

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