Deforestation Essay

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Deforestation Essay

Deforestation Essay 300 Words

Deforestation has become a major issue with serious consequences on the planet earth. It adversely affects the climate and biodiversity and hinders the natural balance of forests and wildlife. Deforestation leads to permanent damage of forests and also threatens the survival of animals.

Humans still continue to cut down forests at an alarming rate which has ultimately posed a great danger to the environment. Deforestation is usually done to expand land and space for various activities. Due to the increase in population, there’s more demand for homes, industries and land which eventually leads to deforestation.
The massive impact of deforestation on the environment:

Soil erosion is one of the serious implications of deforestation. After cutting down of trees, the soil gets exposed to sun’s heat which destroys the nutrient balance in the soil. During rainfall, soil surfaces are washed away and erosion takes place. Also, the whole water cycle balance is disturbed due to deforestation.
Deforestation has led to the loss of our precious biodiversity. Many plants and animals have become extinct and some are on the verge of extinction. Animals have lost their natural habitats and are running into rural areas thus posing threat to people.

Climatic change is a severe consequence of deforestation. As plants absorb CO2 and produce oxygen, thus cutting down forests means a scarcity of oxygen in the air. Also, more CO2 will remain in the air which leads to the climatic change of that particular place.

Measures we can take to control deforestation:

We can only combat deforestation if we promote reforestation. It’s a process that encourages planting of more and more trees. Although reforestation is a slow process to fight deforestation, however, it will eventually restore the ecological balance of the ecosystem.

Also, in order to reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere, we need to reduce those human activities responsible for emitting CO2 into the air. Strict laws and policies should be made to promote the use of alternative sources of energy that do not emit greenhouse gases.

Public awareness is of foremost importance. This will educate people about the causes and effects of deforestation. This, in turn, encourage people to plant more trees and combat deforestation.

In conclusion, deforestation is an ill-practice that must be discouraged. It is our primary duty to conserve the environment and make it a better place to live in. With the help of various programs and movements, we can stand together and fight against deforestation.

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