Water Pollution Essay

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Water Pollution Essay

Water pollution Essay 300 Words

Water pollution is a serious concern in the world and it’s extremely important to address this issue before it causes serious consequences to mankind. It has already made people suffer so it’s crucial to overcome this problem to avoid any further implications.

Water pollution is the biological alteration of the quality of water due to the existence of harmful substances in water. There are numerous reasons for the contamination of water. In actual fact, humans are itself responsible for polluting water and causing a drastic impact on aquatic life.

Initially, we need to know about the causes of water pollution. Various human activities and industrial waste contribute to water pollution. Many industries discharge harmful chemical waste into the water which seriously affects the quality of water. Also, due to the lack of sewage systems in rural areas, most of the waste is released into the water bodies.

Not only this, but many agricultural chemicals also flow into the water bodies and cause pollution. This is a kind of surface run-off where harmful chemicals and fertilizers present in the soil are washed down into the rivers and lakes during rainfalls.

Serious implications of water pollution:

It adversely affects the quality of water and disturbs aquatic life. The untreated industrial and sewage waste has led to many aquatic deaths. The chemicals released into the water alter the pH levels and changes the nature of soil thus leading to infertility. This, in turn, affects the agro activities.

Also, when this polluted water is consumed by humans, it causes serious illness and sometimes leads to death. Diseases like cholera are caused due to polluted water consumption so it’s important to drink clean and safe water. Currently, our earth is suffering from safe water scarcity and governments are continuously struggling to provide water security.

Here are some control measures to combat water pollution:

The sewage waste discharged into the water bodies must be treated to convert it into non-toxic waste. This will cause less harm to aquatic life.
The industrial and domestic waste must be stored in small ponds for a few days. This will let the bacteria grow inside the water which will digest most of the harmful chemicals present inside the waste matter.

Also by using eco-friendly products, we can reduce water pollution up to a great extent. So to avoid water pollution, we should put combined efforts in order to keep the environment clean be it water or air.

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