Same Sex Marriage Essay

Read same sex marriage essay in English for students of class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. Same sex marriage was a crime in India but nowadays it’s legal. Some still question about same sex marriage.

Sex Marriage Essay

Sex Marriage Essay in English

Same Sex Marriage Should Be Offended or Not?

Marriage is pure and unbiased. When two souls feel each other and decided to live together for the afterlife, marriage is a ritual that takes place. Marriage is nothing but a social activity that involves various rituals/ceremonies performed with God’s grace. Generally, it takes place between a man and a woman, so that they can rejoice their togetherness, have kids and move freely in the world. However, what about same-sex marriage? In such a case, we forget about the feelings of individuals who possess a passion for the same sex.

In India, homosexuality or same-sex marriage is treated as a crime and offended like hell. But, in reality, there is nothing offensive in it. This is just a matter of feelings. Like if you feel for your partner, here is the same case where a man feels for a man and woman for a woman. Many of us think that this concept is derived from the west, but it is something that came in our society since ancient time. In our ancient literatures and scriptures, homosexuality is perfectly reflected and gives proof that it is derived from our ancestors.  

So, why offend same-sex marriage? It is a matter of love and love can come from anyway and in any form. In 2018, even the Delhi High Court decriminalized homosexual act between two consenting adults according to Article 377 of IPC. This judgment gave the right to legal and social acceptance. It is necessary to accept the status of homosexuals in society and help them live freely without hiding their emotions and feelings. A supportive nature of parents, friends, and relatives can make a difference. Forcing them to marry the opposite sex can really ruin their life and the other person too which will result in a failed marriage.

In the end, being humans, we should serve humanity and equality to all while supporting same-sex marriage as well.

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Every person has a right to choose what he\she want in life. Earlier gay marriage in India was considered against law. Human rights is one of the important essay topics that give freedom or restriction on laws like same sex marriage in India, child labour, child marriage, polygamy and gender equality.