Save Environment Essay

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Save Environment Essay

Save Environment Essay 300 Words

In this ever-evolving modern era, the paramount issue is to stop exploiting the environment and save it before it’s too late. We need to focus on making our planet clean and green and this is only possible with the combined efforts of the people and the government. Mankind has done a lot of destruction to the environment and the result is pollution, global warming, ozone depletion and much more.

So we need to realize how our planet is on the verge of destruction and we need to take steps to save it and make it a healthy and safe place for our future generations. It is rather important to realize the forthcoming catastrophe and take remedial measures to stop it.

Many people believe that now it’s too late to save the environment, however, it’s not true. We still have time to protect our environment and save our upcoming generations. It is possible to heal the environment as we just need to initiate and take action in the right direction.

The foremost step is to adopt a sustainable living. It is an art of living that implies to use the present resources without exploiting them and saving them for the future generation. The natural and non-renewable resources must be used in a sustainable way so as not to make them extinct.

The next thing we need to do is to promote afforestation to save the environment. Protecting and growing more trees will definitely preserve our environment.

The other important measure is to reduce the activities that lead to pollution. Many steps have been taken to do the same such as the odd-even program in New Delhi, banning firecrackers and loud music after 10 pm, carpooling etc. All such things play a significant role in reducing pollution levels.

So if you want to live and grow in a healthy place, all you need to do is your little contribution towards saving the environment. You need to follow and devise new remedial measures every day to save it and make it a beautiful place to live in.

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