Plastic Pollution Essay

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plastic pollution essay

Plastic Pollution Essay

One of the major threats to our ecosystem nowadays is plastic pollution. According to a study, by the year 2025, there would be nearly 100 kgs of plastic for every 300 kg of fish. Plastic trash is affecting nearly 700 species around the world in different ways which creates imbalance in the ecosystem and consequently changes the biological and chemical processes.

The major sources of plastic debris include land-based sources including sewage waste, plastic manufacturers, landfills and much more. Therefore, it’s the need of an hour to understand how uncollected waste and plastic usage is affecting our lives adversely.

Moreover, the usage of plastic is also polluting the land ecosystem. When large amount of plastic is dumped into the landfills, it destroys the texture and quality of soil which further makes it infertile. Along with this, many disease carrying insects accumulate in the area where the plastic is dumped therefore causing serious health problems to the mankind.

Our lives are at stake, we still keep on using plastic despite knowing about its ill effects on our health and environment. The marine life is facing serious consequences of plastic disposal into the seas as many fishes swallow plastic which causes ingestion and proves to be fatal for many of them. Government has made many efforts to reduce the use of plastic by imposing ban on it and promoting paper bags. However, it was of no use.

In summation, we are well aware of how plastic is completely screwing up our lives on earth. So it is important that we must make some contribution to prevent this deadly pollution. We should start using cloth bags and paper bags instead of plastic ones. And in any case if we are using plastic, we must find ways to reuse and recycle it instead of just throwing it away and causing pollution. Well, there are many other ways to combat the use of plastic, it’s just that we need to unite together and reduce its usage.

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