Noise Pollution Essay

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Noise Pollution Essay

Noise Pollution Essay 300 Words

Noise pollution is a kind of pollution that is generated due to man-made activities which creates an imbalance in human or animal life. Noise pollution is described as an unnecessary sound that hinders the normal life of living beings on the earth.

The origin of noise pollution can be due to industrialized or non-industrialized activities that badly affect the health of plants, animals, and human beings. Growing noise pollution level is posing a great threat to the present and future generations on the earth.

There are numerous causes of noise pollution, so here we’ll be discussing some of them. Industrial and modern development is causing noise pollution to grow enormously. The noise is usually caused by the heavy machinery being used in the large industrial units. Also, the increase in urbanization makes use of large machinery in the development of buildings leading to so much noise pollution.

Some other outdoor causes of noise pollution include noise from the traffic of vehicles and transportation. Railways also release loud sounds into the air through the use of locomotive engines, whistles and loud horns inside the railway stations. Other than railways, aeroplanes also cause noise pollution when taking off.

Some of the indoor causes of noise pollution including the noise from generators, plumbing activities, household equipment such as food processors and grinding machines, music systems, vacuum cleaners, coolers, fans, and many other appliances play a great role in causing noise pollution. Also, the use of firecrackers at the time of festivals and marriages create so many nuisances in the air. So the need of an hour is to control all such activities and contribute to saving our planet.

Noise pollution leads to many health problems such as hearing loss, mental illness, and insomnia. It is quite harmful to heart patients as it sometimes increases heart rate and leads to heart attack. It also causes distraction and affects productivity at the workplace. So it is essential to take steps in order to reduce the effects of noise pollution.

There are certain rules set by the government that we need to follow to deal with noise pollution. Government has banned the use of loudspeakers after 10 pm. Also, the prescribed limit of noise is 70 decibels so it is important to follow this limit so that we do not cause any kind of noise threat to the environment. We can use earplugs to prevent our ear damage if we are bound to be exposed to high noise pollution. So this is how we can reduce noise pollution and its influence on the environment.

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