Natural Resources Essay

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Natural Resources Essay

Natural Resources Essay 300 Words

Nature has bestowed us with numerous gifts that make our survival easy on the planet earth. Natural resources present on the earth are some of the gifts of nature that help us live in a prosperous way. Natural resources can be categorized into renewable and non-renewable natural resources.

Renewable resources are the ones that replenish easily such as water, air, sunlight, soil and wood. Out of these wood and soil may take some time to regenerate. Then there are non-renewable resources that cannot be regenerated easily such as petroleum, natural gas and coal. All type of resources are distributed differently in the entire world and this leads to international trade among the countries.

Natural resources are being used by humans extensively so as to meet their daily requirements. Renewable resources like sunlight, water and air are used directly for survival and some of them are used indirectly for the manufacturing of various products.

Lately, people are continuously exhausting the non-renewable resources for commercial and personal reasons without even thinking about its depletion. This has ultimately led the earth to lose its precious resources like fossil fuels and natural gas. In addition to this, overpopulation is leading to deforestation and urbanization which has consequently reduced the green cover on the earth.

So we need to conserve all the natural resources on urgent basis so that it should not cause complete destruction of the planet. It is essential to preserve forests which contribute greatly to the survival of living beings on the earth. People should start conserving water and stop doing activities that cause environmental pollution that ultimately harms flora and fauna. Awareness campaigns should be organized to encourage people to use eco-friendly sources that are found in abundance. So, start protecting the natural resources before it’s too late.

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