Sometimes Heart Sees What is Invisible to the Eyes Essay

Sometimes Heart Sees What is Invisible to the Eyes Essay

Sometimes Heart Sees What is Invisible to the Eyes Essay

Sometimes Heart Sees What is Invisible to the Eyes Essay 300 Words

“Sometimes heart sees what is invisible to the eyes”, this is one of the world-famous citation quoted by H. Jackson Brown. This quote suggests that it is our heart that is capable of reading emotions and feelings. Some things are invisible to the eyes as we cannot see them but those can be felt by the heart. Our thought process and feelings are the most valuable things in life and these can only be felt when you see them from the heart. Feelings of love, truthfulness, loyalty and much more are only visible to the heart and not to the eyes.

For instance, whenever you see a child begging on the road and asking for food and money, you may feel his inner yearnings through your heart. That child looks so gross and dirty and we consider him poor. Sometimes we think that he may be acting and he doesn’t want to do work so he’s landed into begging but this is something that our eyes are telling us. If we consider his situation from our heart then we may be able to see how much he’s struggling to earn and make his living. So such things can only be felt by heart that makes us understand the harsh truths of life.

Brain and heart are the two significant tools of life that help us differentiate between good and bad, wrong and right. So once you are able to consider every situation both with your heart and mind, you will become a good decision-maker. Every decision is based on either heart or mind. If you want to marry someone, you need to think from the heart and not from your mind, you need to understand another person’s feelings and then only you could live a peaceful life together.

There are certain decisions in life that must be taken from the heart and we cannot ignore this truth that heart sees something our mind cannot even think of. So whenever you try to judge someone, try to understand that person from your heart and not only from your eyes, then only you could attain the utmost level of understanding.

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