Namami Gange Essay

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Namami Gange Essay

Namami Gange Essay 300 Words

Namami Gange is a programme instigated by the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi with the objective to clean and protect the river Ganga with certain techniques and procedures. This program is executed under the National Mission for Clean Ganga and its other corresponding organizations. There are various activities listed under the program that is supposed to be implemented on different levels.

Initially, there are entry-level activities which includes cleaning of the river surface that consists of floating wastes, improving the sanitation of the rural areas, constructing toilets in different rural regions to ensure that no litter waste enter the river bodies, renovating and constructing crematoria in order to prevent any disposal of partially burnt dead bodies into the river.

Then there are medium-level activities that will help reduce the municipal and industrial pollution into the river. In order to deal with the pollution, the government has promised to deploy 2500 MLD additional treatment capacity in the upcoming years. Also to combat industrial pollution, the industries situated near Ganga are ordered to employ zero-liquid discharge into the water bodies. All these guidelines are provided by the pollution control board of India.

In addition to these activities, afforestation and biodiversity conservation are also promoted so as to make the environment clean and green. Campaigns have been launched to conserve various species so that they do not get extinct and create an imbalance in nature. Water quality monitoring systems are also devised to examine the quality of water from time to time.

Namami Gange is one of the most complex programs launched till date as it involves socio-economic and traditional significance. This program requires the contribution of every citizen of India so that they can participate a little in saving the river and ultimately the planet earth. Offering funds, volunteering services, reusing and recycling products are some of the ways through which we can contribute to this mission, Namami Gange.

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