Laughter is the Best Medicine Essay

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Laughter is the Best Medicine Essay

Laughter is the best medicine Essay 300 Words

“Laughter is the best medicine” is a phrase that truly states the importance of being happy in life. Laughter is something that exhibits true happiness and zeal. A person who laughs seldom falls sick as he always attracts positive energy towards him and makes the surroundings full of good vibes. Laughter acts as a medicine whenever you feel depressed or sad. In this modern-day life, people suffer from various mental health issues due to their busy and monotonous life, such issues further lead to anxiety and depression. However, these problems can be avoided when we inculcate the habit of laughing in our life. It is one of the effective medicines to cure a variety of problems and diseases.

A person who has a good sense of humour usually makes people laugh and help them recover from various ailments. Laughter makes you emotionally and physically strong and strengthens your power of handling the situations easily. It heals your inner wounds and helps you recover from problems. You can watch various standup comedies and laughter shows on television and Youtube to laugh and spend your time laughing and cheering. Well, talking to your friends can also help you laugh as friends always make you feel good and cheer you up whenever you feel bad about something.

It would not be wrong to say that laughter is way better than anti-depressant medicines which helps you recover fast. Stress and physical tension can be easily relieved when you laugh and stay happy rather than thinking about the past and getting more depressed. The muscles in your body completely relax and your immune system improves gradually when you make laughter a part of your daily routine. Therefore, it is essential to spare some time for your own self and laugh for at least 45 minutes to give a boost to your inner self and enhance your happiness hormones.

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