Clean Fuel Better Life – Save Fuel for Better Environment Essay

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Clean Fuel Better Life

Clean Fuel Better Life

Fuels are the oxygen of life as without them we are unable to survive on this planet. The electrical energy we use in our daily life, LPG used to prepare food, petrol used to drive a car etc., all are possible with the help of fuels. Therefore, we can see how fuel plays a crucial role in our daily lives, however, we have started exploiting its use and is posing great harm to the environment.

The idea is to save fuel and make the environment healthy and safe for survival. This means if we will save fuel, the pollution will decrease automatically and this will ultimately lead to a better environment.

Fuels such as petrol, natural gas, crude oil, coal are some of the non-renewable sources of energy which take a lot of time to regenerate. Now due to the over-exploitation of non-renewable resources, the demand for these fuels is high whereas the reserves are less which is a great concern for the environment. These fuels are depleting fast and it’s high time to handle this situation to save the environment.

There are some steps that must be taken to save the fuel such as using bicycles instead of cars and bikes, switching off appliances when not in use, covering pans while cooking so that food can be cooked fast and less LPG is used, using Led lights instead of incandescent ones, using alternative sources of energy like solar energy or wind energy, reusing and recycling the items and much more.

All these things will directly impact the environment as less fuel is burned which means less pollution is generated which ultimately saves the environment and makes it a better place to survive. People and government should make combined efforts to save fuel as well as the environment.

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