Hockey Essay

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Hockey Essay

Hockey Essay

Hockey is considered the national game of India and is being played in various parts of the world. Greece and Ireland used to play it in ancient times with the help of a stick and a ball. Hockey is played with different variations in different countries such as ice hockey, sled hockey, street hockey, or field hockey.

Hockey is played between two teams of eleven players each at a time and they can use substitute players as well. There are certain rules to be followed while playing hockey and the foremost rule is not to kick or touch the ball with the feet. Also, the players are not allowed to sway the sticks too high as it can hit other players. A team can score points through a field goal, penalty corner or penalty stroke. In this, a field goal is scored if the ball goes into the goal inside the striking circle.

A goal must be hit with the flat face of the stick. A player is not allowed to push the other player while intercepting the ball from him. In case a player tries to prevent the opponent from catching the ball with his body or by physically hitting him, a foul may be punished to the player. Such type of foul is known as obstruction.

Hockey provides various health benefits such as it improves your physical fitness as it enables your body to exercise freely. It also helps in reducing your body weight in case you are obese as it burns a lot of calories. Hockey also improves your concentration towards various things and enhances your coordination skills. Playing such types of games helps in reducing stress and also makes you a punctual and disciplined person. Many great hockey players have gained fame and recognition through this prestigious game. So if you want to grow and polish your sports talent, indulge in playing games like hockey in your daily schedule.

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