Essay on Football

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Essay on Football

Essay on Football 300 Words

Football is a Greek game and is a national game of France. However, this game became popular in many countries after its invention and is now played throughout the world. It was England who devised the rules for football and from that day onwards football evolved rapidly. Football is a great game to keep oneself healthy and fit. It involves running and physical movement which in turn helps the players to remain active and lively. It also strengthens the team spirit among the players and makes them disciplined. The football match is played for 90 minutes which consists of two halves and a break of 15 minutes.

Each team consists of 11 players and the players have to hit the ball with their foot and are supposed to touch the goalpost of the opponent team with the ball to get a goal. There is a goalkeeper present on both sides of the goalpost to prevent the ball from touching the net. However, the players cannot touch or hit the ball with their hand and only the goalkeeper can stop the ball with the hands. A team that scores more goals is considered the winner of the match.

Football offers us numerous advantages related to health and fitness. It enhances the concentration levels and improves the overall well-being of a person. It makes you more punctual, calm and disciplined. It helps to prevent heart risks as it involves the cardiovascular system. People should indulge in this game if they want to lose weight and gain lean muscle mass. This game also helps in improving mental health and relieves people from depression.

Hence, football is a game that benefits you in various ways and also makes you recognized in the world. Many football players have gained respect and fame all around the world due to their great skills and expertise in football. Children and adults must engage in such type of games to remain healthy and get acknowledged in society.

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