Essay on Man

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Essay on Man

Essay on Man

If we talk about the man at an early age, he was just a naked human being with no tools and equipment that may help him for survival. However, the man succeeded to survive on this planet without any electricity or water supply to their place. Therefore, a man may not have that power and strength like cheetah or elephant but he has an intelligent brain that helps him to survive. An early man who does not know anything about science and technology gradually started evolving and realized that they need something to protect them and started wearing leaves to cover their body. They also made wooden tools and equipment in order to protect themselves from animals and other attacks.

With time, they went into the stage of rapid development and started making various items which made their work easier. The human race started evolving as they realized that bare hands are not going to protect them from the enemy and thus developed various machines and equipment which helped them to survive easily on the earth.

A man is an intelligent creature and has more power to bring changes in the society as he can express and talk freely about various issues however animals, on the other hand, cannot utter a word and thus remain inferior to the man.

From stone age to this modern age, man has travelled a lot of distance to enjoy these modern age facilities like computers, televisions, ACs, cars and much more. All these are the great inventions of man who used his brain and worked logically to develop and revolutionize the world. Science and technology have greatly influenced society, all thanks to man and his intelligence. However, various activities of man have led to the destruction of nature and other resources, therefore it is important for a man to realize its faults and should start doing activities that are in the best interest of nature and mankind.

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