Go Green Essay

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Go Green Essay

Go Green Essay 300 Words

Environmental issues and ecological imbalance in nature has resulted in the devastation of various natural resources that has ultimately posed risk to mankind and nature. Our planet earth is suffering from numerous problems like pollution, deforestation, global warming, climatic changes and much more. Therefore, it is crucial to devise some solutions to combat such problems and make the environment green and clean to survive happily. In other words, we can say that we should go green to help nature flourish and prosper.

So here are some ways which can help us go green and increase the green cover on the earth:

We should stop using plastic:
Plastic is one of the major contributors to environmental pollution so it is important that we should stop using plastic and switch to wooden based material in our homes. Also, we must use jute or paper bags instead of plastic ones to reduce our plastic footprint on nature.

Recycle and reuse:
We can always recycle and reuse products to reduce waste and decrease pollution levels in the environment such as old and discarded items can be used for décor and other purposes in the homes and offices.

Save water:
We should conserve water by switching off taps, using a bucket of water for bathing instead of showers. Rainwater harvesting and watershed management are some of the other ways to conserve water.

Planting and saving trees:
By using reusable items instead of using toilet papers and disposable towels, printing on both sides of the page, using hand dryers instead of paper napkins, we can contribute to saving a tree. Also, we must plant some green plants and trees around our houses to increase the green cover on the land.

Conserve energy:
We must save electricity and use alternative sources of energy such as solar energy, wind energy and tidal energy to reduce the usage of non-renewable sources that take a lot of time to regenerate.

Thus, these are some of the ways to go green and make our earth look more green and clean. If the government and people should come together and take the above steps, we can achieve success in making this earth a healthy and safe place to live in.

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