Essay on Female Foeticide

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Essay on Female Foeticide

Essay on Female Foeticide 300 Words

Female foeticide is a bitter truth that has led to waning sex ratio in different countries. There are various reasons that have resulted in such a heinous crime. The prime cause behind female foeticide is the affection for sons over daughters. Female foeticide is the process of aborting a female fetus in the womb before its complete growth. This usually takes place after an ultrasound scan, however, this is considered as a crime and the doctors and people who practice this are punished seriously. In India, Sex recognition tests are illegal as India is the country where people are more inclined towards such practices.

What are the major reasons behind female foeticide?
There are various religious and social reasons that lead to female foeticide such as parents need to spend a huge amount of money on the daughter’s wedding and dowry and hence prefer to have a male child. People believe that only boys can earn money and can care for their family while girls can only consume and will get married one day leaving all the things behind. For some people, it is a matter of pride and honour to have a baby boy than a baby girl. Poverty and illiteracy are some of the main reasons that instil in the mind of people that girl child is a burden on the family.

In conclusion, practices like female foeticide and infanticide have led to imbalanced sex ratio, so it’s important to control this dreadful practice so as to not play with mother nature and its precious angels. Strict laws must be implemented to curb this illegal practice. Government and NGO’s should organize campaigns and seminars to make people aware of the importance of girl child. Women who are forced to abort girl child by their family must complain early so as to stop this crime. It is crucial to save the girl child and help the nation grow rapidly.

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