Flood Essay

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Flood Essay

Flood Essay 300 Words

Floods are one of the most devastating natural disasters that cause great harm to life and property. The primary reason behind floods is the excessive rainfall that causes extreme accumulation of water in the living areas, thus leading to overflowing and destroying houses and fields. They usually take place when water overflows from the reservoirs or due to heavy rainfall in the places with poor drainage systems.

Sometimes even the perfect drainage systems cannot withstand heavy rains or if the rain occurs for many days without a break. Also, when the snow melts during the temperature change, it can lead to heavy movement of water into the plain areas thus causing floods. In addition to this, rivers and oceans sometimes overflows due to the breaking of dams, this can also result in floods.

The frequency of floods is rapidly growing and the major reason behind is global warming which has managed to increase the average temperature of seas and oceans. This further leads to hot tropical storms that lead to the melting of glaciers and ice caps and ultimately increase the sea level.

Floods can cause brutal damage to human life and valuable property. Agricultural areas are the first to be affected by floods. Many fields and crops get destroyed due to the overflow of water and cause great loss to mankind. Not only humans but animals also lose their shelter and lives. Government and people both suffer from financial losses and it becomes difficult to re-construct the dilapidated areas after floods.

Floods are quite catastrophic; however, we can always do a little to avoid such situations. Government and people should take care of the water reservoirs and other water storing systems so that they do not overflow in case of heavy rain. Floods can also be controlled using flood barriers which can be used as resistance during floods.

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