Essay on Farmer

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Essay on Farmer

Essay on Farmer in 300 Words

Farmers are the strength and backbone of the economy of any country. The food we eat and the food that keeps us healthy and strong is provided by the farmers. We are able to survive on this planet with the help of farmers and thus they are the most valuable and important people of our lives. As per the stats, farmers contribute nearly 17% to the economy of India. Farmers hold great significance in the society, however, despite being so useful, they do not have proper means of living.

In India, farmers do not enjoy the status they deserve and hence every week or month, we hear many cases of suicides by the farmers. They live a very difficult and hard life and still they don’t get the privileges they are actually worthy of. Usually, the middlemen involved in trading of vegetables and fruits get most of the money and the farmers are deprived of their basic rights.

Lately, many farmers are committing suicides because they do not have enough money to satisfy their basic needs of life and hence they resort to doing such heinous things. Many a times their crops get destroyed due to the effects of global warming and they do not get any kind of reimbursement from the government. This ultimately makes them poor and scarce in resources and makes their life miserable.

Recently, government has taken some steps to save farmers and their life. Government has released them from all types of loans and they are also paid Rs.6000 annually so that they can have some extra earning other than their profession. Also, government has taken steps to reserve seats for their children in various schools and colleges so that they should not be deprived of education. All these measures are taken to help them lead a better and healthy life. Although there’s a lot more than can be done to improve their living, however, these small steps can help them live a life they deserve.

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