Earthquake Essay

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Earthquake Essay

Earthquake Essay 300 Words

The shaking and trembling of the surface of the earth is referred to as an earthquake. Earthquakes are considered one of the most dangerous natural disasters as they cause great damage to life and property. Sometimes the earthquakes have low intensity and thus go unnoticed while some are quite violent and disastrous and certainly cause great destruction on the earth. Earthquakes are generally unpredictable and thus they are considered hazardous as people do not get any warning before it takes place.

Earthquakes cause severe damage to buildings, houses and other properties. The intensity of the earthquake depends on the magnitude and the distance of the place from the epicentre. The epicentre is a point where the earthquake originates. The geographical locations of the place also determine the type of earthquake and its severity. There are basically four types of earthquakes namely tectonic, volcanic, collapse and explosive. All these types have different reasons behind the ground rupture.

Earthquakes also lead to landslides in hilly areas and mountains. It causes great damage to mankind and property. In addition to this, it also causes soil liquefaction. This phenomenon suggests that the water-saturated material in the ground loses its power and firmness and the solid surface changes into liquid causing buildings and other structures to sink into these liquefied grounds.

Earthquakes also lead to a fire in the buildings and pipelines. When an earthquake takes place, it destroys electric wires and gas lines and as a result of this, many types of equipment and buildings are trapped in the fire. It also causes tsunamis in the oceans. The high sea waves are a result of the earthquake that takes place under the ocean.

In a nutshell, earthquakes are quite terrifying and cannot be controlled by any means. Various man-made activities also lead to such natural disasters that must be controlled to avoid such hazardous situations.

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