Clean India Essay

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Clean India Essay

Clean India Essay 300 Words

One of the basic necessities of life is to keep yourself and your surroundings clean. If a country is clean, then the citizens are healthy and this leads to a healthy nation. Cleanliness directly impacts the development and success of a country. To make our environment healthy and free from pollution, we must practice keeping our surroundings clean by not doing the activities that pollute the environment.

The disposal of garbage and waste material on streets and roads poses serious threats to mankind. Also, it makes our country aesthetically ugly. People and other living beings present on the earth start falling ill due to unhealthy surroundings. Therefore, it’s the need of an hour to make India clean and green.

The economic growth of the country is directly proportional to its cleanliness level. Tourists like to visit countries that are aesthetically appealing and do not have bad and ugly surroundings. So if we keep our India clean, our tourism sector will grow which consequently increases the economy the country.

There are number of ways by which we can keep our India clean, the foremost one includes carrying a polybag everywhere we go. Instead of throwing the garbage on the roads, it would be wise to throw it in these poly bags thus contributing a little to cleanliness.

The other important measure is to segregate waste in three different bins that are Biodegradable, Recyclable and Others. This system would help to differentiate between wastes and makes the disposal easier.

Also, we must promote the recycling of products and especially plastic items. Instead of throwing the plastic and choking the environment, it would be better to do some DIY with it so as to reuse it.

So, all these measures could help us in making India a clean place to live in. Government and people should make combined efforts to spread awareness and follow remedial measures to keep it clean and green.

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