Capital Punishment Essay

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Capital Punishment Essay

Capital Punishment Essay 300 Words

Capital punishment refers to the officially permitted death sentence ordered by the court of law on the grounds of violation of certain laws and guidelines. Capital punishment is different for different countries wherein some countries hang the culprit whereas others give a poisonous injection or shoot directly. Earlier, officials use to punish the criminal brutally and torture him to the extreme level so that he dies of pain and suffering. However, now the scenario has changed as modern methods which are less painful are adopted by the court to punish the criminal.

Some of the methods used for capital punishment include electrocution in which a high voltage current is passed through the body of the criminal that is tied to a chair. He then dies off due to organ failure. Another punishment namely tranquilization is a process of killing the criminal slowly with toxic injections that take up to quite a lot of hours to kill the person.

Beheading is another unsympathetic punishment which involves cutting off the head of a person from the body. Stoning is also a dreadful and threatening punishment in which a person is beaten brutally until he dies. Shooting and hanging are some other forms of capital punishment that are way better than stoning or beheading.

There are various pros and cons of capital punishment as the positive side is that people will know the capability of the law court and would not commit any crime thinking of such a brutal death penalty. Also, giving the death penalty to heinous criminals reduce the crime in the country as they won’t be able to do it again.

On the other side, capital punishment has a negative side as well wherein the real criminal escapes from the trial and the punishment is given to the innocent. Also, many people think that one must get a second chance to improve them. In conclusion, capital punishment is a bitter truth of the world; however, court and administration should find some alternative ways to punish the criminal that would be less cruel.

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