Agriculture in India Essay – Essay on Agriculture

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Agriculture in India Essay – Essay on Agriculture

Agriculture in India Essay

Essay on Agriculture 300 Words

Agriculture refers to the art of cultivation of the soil which suggests the production of different types of crops and plants. A person who is involved in agriculture cultivates and grows the plants along with feeding the livestock. Therefore, agriculture not only involves the production of various raw materials but is also involves nurturing of the farm animals. Hence, milk, wool and meat are also considered agricultural produce just like rice, wheat and barley.

Agriculture plays a significant role in our lives as it is the primary source of food, it provides us various vegetables and fruits to eat, cotton for clothing, feed and hay for animals, raw materials for running various industries and much more. Specifically, agriculture acts as a backbone of the economy as most of the labor is employed in the agricultural domain. From decades, people all across the globe are dependent on agriculture and its production.

Agriculture holds great importance in the growth of various industries. Major industries like jute, cotton, textile, handloom, and sugarcane rely on agriculture as they receive their raw materials from the agricultural industry. Other than this, agriculture contributes to the national revenue of most of the countries as it offers greater employment opportunities to the locales. Therefore, agriculture has become a primary source of earning livelihood for most of the population. In addition to this, agriculture also supports the transport system and international trade. Railways and roadways execute a lot of business with the movement of agricultural products within the country.

Hence, the economy of any country depends on the prosperity of agriculture. Therefore, the government should always devise new solutions to enhance the agriculture sector in order to help the nation succeed. With the advent of new agricultural tools and types of equipment, this domain has improved gradually, however, there are still some pitfalls which must be resolved in order to keep it flourishing.

Agriculture in India Essay 300 Words

Agriculture in India holds the utmost importance as it is the backbone of the Indian economy. From ancient times, people are dependent on agriculture and its produce. Earlier, agriculture was practised with the help of traditional tools and methods but nowadays, with the advent of new and improved technologies, the agricultural domain has developed rapidly.

Agriculture has contributed a lot to the Indian economy and has proved to be the main source of livelihood for people. However, there are still many farmers in India who are not able to use the modern technologies to enhance their produce and yield; this is because they don’t have enough means to incorporate the advanced equipment.
Government is always devising new ways to develop the agricultural sector and many schemes have been initiated to help the farmers in their profession. Agriculture is a gift of God as the food we eat every day is produced with the hard work and continuous efforts of the farmers and we must not waste this precious food.

The national income of the country and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is largely dependent on agriculture. It has also contributed to increasing employment in the country as nearly 80% of the people are employed in the agricultural realm directly or indirectly. In addition to this, agro-industry also adds to 70% of the export items.

Although agriculture is considered the most significant domain of India, however, it is also causing severe harm to the environment and nature. Deforestation is carried out rapidly to increase agricultural land. River water is exploited for irrigation purposes which further make the ponds and rivers to dry up and hinders the natural habitat. Therefore, it is important to develop everything in a sustainable way and the government must try to improve this sector in a way that it does not disturb the ecological balance.

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