Brain Drain Essay

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Brain Drain Essay

Brain Drain Essay 300 Essay

Brain drain refers to the process in which some of the well-educated and brilliant people move to other countries due to lack of proper resources and education in their own countries. Recently, India has witnessed brain drain rapidly due to its underdeveloped situation.

Brain drain is considered a huge issue as some of the most capable and skilled people depart from the country and share their talent and expertise to help other countries to grow and develop. They leave their own country to suffer from destitution and poverty. People generally move to countries which are developed and have more favourable conditions for survival. In India, poverty and unemployment are the major reasons behind the brain drain.

However, the causes behind brain drain differ from country to country. The underlying reasons include people searching for higher-paying jobs, employment, better working conditions, quality of life and much more.

There are some push factors which persuades the people to move out of the country and such factors include lack of freedom, gender discrimination at the workplace, lack of research facilities etc. Then there are pull factors which encourage the people to migrate to that particular country, this may include political stability, a well-developed education system, freedom of living, and modern working environment. There may be other reasons specific to a country or individual who are responsible for brain drain.

Brain drain is a major problem these days as developed countries are getting more and more talent to make their economy grow rapidly whereas developing countries are still struggling to improve their economic situation. It’s the responsibility of the government to improve the employment and working conditions in the country so that people should remain in their home countries and contribute their talent to enhance the economy of their country. On the other hand, people can migrate and learn new skills and talent from the other countries and once they return, they can use this expertise to benefit their own country.

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