Summarize Written Text 21 – PTE Writing Summary

PTE Writing Summary – Write the summary in a single sentence which should be in between 5 and 75 words. The summary should include key points and supporting points.

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PTE Writing Summary Example


Read and summarize written text in your words.

Greenhouse Gases

When an individual drives a car, heats a house, or uses an aerosol hairspray, greenhouse gases are produced. In economic terms, this creates a classic negative externality. Most of the cost (in this case, those arising from global warming) are borne by individuals other than the one making the decision about how many miles to drive or how much hairspray to use. Because the driver (or sprayer) enjoys all the benefits of the activities but suffers only part of the cost, that individual engages in more than the economically efficient amount of the activity. In this sense, the problem of greenhouse gases parallels the problem that occurs when someone smokes a cigarette in an enclosed space or litters the countryside with fast-food wrappers. If we are to get individuals to reduce production of greenhouse gases to the efficient rate, we must somehow induce them to act as though they bear all the costs of their actions. The two most widely accepted means of doing this are government regulation and taxation, both of which have been proposed to deal with greenhouse gases.

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Summary Sample 1 – The effects of greenhouse gases, parallel to the ill-effects of smoking and littering, are severe on global warming due to individual’s economically efficient activities by incurring less cost on their part; however to reduce its impact, government regulations and taxations should be imposed as well as to induce individuals to bear the brunt of their actions.

Summary Sample 2 – Whereas the fundamental essence of greenhouse gases emphasizes the significance of economic terms, the corresponding impacts of a classic negative externality such as costs of global warming and bearing by individuals are acknowledged, and reducing production of such gases could be inferred evidently from the efficient rate, which the potential implications of inducing individuals as well as the government regulation and taxation are presumed.

Summary Sample 3 – Greenhouse gases are produced in our daily activities and could create negative externality, which means that most of the cost behind these actions are shouldered by a vast majority of innocent people, and therefore such behaviors can only be regulated through government regulation and taxation.


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Read and summarize written text in your words.

Use three different sizes of marbles. Marbles are great for this project because they are round, which makes measuring the size of the impact crater easier. Remember that in a science experiment you want to test only one variable. In this experiment, we only want to change the size/weight of the object that is falling. If we changed the shape of the object too, it would be hard to measure the difference in the impact craters.

While doing the experiment, pay close attention to how far away the marbles are from the surface of the flour before you let go of them. Use a ruler to make sure you drop each marble from exactly one foot above the surface of the flour. Do the experiment three times using the same three objects. The three times you repeat the experiment are called trials. Make a chart to keep track of the results. After each trial measure the width of the impact crater made by each of the three marbles. Which marble makes the largest impact crater? Which marble makes the deepest impact crater? Why do you think so?

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    Three different sized marbles has taken to examine the differences in impact by following a three time trial experiment including close attention on the distance of the marbles from surface and tracked and recorded the impact carter each time of three marbles.

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      Most of the greenhouse gases are the outcomes of modern human activities as humans are concerned only about the benefits of their activities but not the adverse effects caused by them moreover, in order to curb these emissions and make individuals to bear the burnt of their actions government regulation and taxation have been proposed.


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