PTE Writing Topic – Summarize Written Text 23

PTE Writing Topic – Write the summary in a single sentence which should be in between 5 and 75 words. The summary should include key points and supporting points.

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PTE Writing Topic – SWT 23



Read and summarize written text in your words.

Whilst enjoying a creamy pint of draft Guinness, have you ever wondered about its journey from brewery to bar The famous black stuff (it’s actually ruby red) is available in 100 countries worldwide and is brewed in almost 50. As you can imagine, it’s a complex undertaking getting it from plant to pub and one that’s fundamental to the company’s success.

A Deloitte team from Risk Analytics. Financial Advisory and Consulting has spent the past two years working with Diageo on its commercial and supply chain programme, Project ice Cap. The objective was to iron out peaks and troughs in sales by improving the client’s understanding of customer demand and sales behavior. At the same time, we looked at removing inefficiencies to help save costs. The programme spanned Diageo’s enormous logistics process from production and warehousing to distribution and retail. Our work supported Diageo in becoming a consumer-driven organization, and with reduced volatility and unpredictability in customer behavior.

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Sample Answer 1 – Having collaborated with Diageo, Deloitte has undertaken research on the manufacturing process of the world famous Guinness brand, which not only comprises of effective understanding of clientele behavior but is also instrumental in making Diageo a consumer-driven organization.

Sample Answer 2 – A Deloitte team’s work with Diageo’s supply chain programme called Project Ice Cap supported Diageo to become a consumer-driven organization as the logistics process is fundamental to any company’s success.


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Read and summarize written text in your words.

“This Saturday in London, I will be joining The People’s Assembly Against Austerity, Health Campaigns Together, doctors, nurses, unions and tens of thousands of others at Our NHS at 70 march.

It is almost 70 years since the NHS was founded by a Labour government and it’s still our proudest achievement. It was the first comprehensive health service in the world built on the principle that healthcare should be available to all on the basis of need, not ability to pay.

What the Conservatives have done to our NHS, first under David Cameron, and then Theresa May is appalling. Deliberate underfunding of services, and squeezing the pay of our brilliant doctors, nurses and health staff, has pushed our NHS to the brink. Every day there are shocking stories of unacceptable waiting times, ambulance delays and patients left on trolleys in corridors. And they’ve spent years selling off and contracting out our NHS bit by bit, leaving the NHS to be sued by private companies, like Virgin. Labour will end privatization because our NHS should be about healthcare for all, not profits for a few.

Last week, the government finally announced some more money for our health service. But you know what? It’s simply not enough. Not enough to make up for the last eight years of slashed budgets and worsening standards, falling morale and loss of staff. In fact, it would barely keep the NHS at a standstill.

A Labour government would give the NHS the money it needs. It would be able to do so because we’re not afraid to ask big business and the richest to pay their fair share of tax.

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