How to Improve English Speaking Skills For PTE

The question that we are going to take today is how to improve English speaking. Now, this is something that we have been asked hundreds of times. People want to know how they can improve English speaking. In this article, we are going to share some quick ways to improve your speaking for PTE exam and these are proven methods. They definitely work, so all that you have to do is follow these instructions, put in your time and effort and you’ll see that your speaking will improve. So read this article till the end to learn all these methods. So let’s start with how to improve English speaking skills.

Improve English Speaking Skills For PTE

Improve English Speaking Skills For PTE

Improve English Speaking Skills For PTE

Now the very first thing when we are trying to improve anything is to understand ourselves and understand our current level of skill and understand the problems that we are facing. If we ask you what are your speaking problems? Then do you have an answer to that and do you know that already. It’s very important. It’s not enough to say that I am getting a low scoring speaking. What shall I do? Before that, you should know that happens, what exactly is your speaking problem. That’s something that we are going to look into detail in this article.

Now you are speaking, it’s mainly about your fluency and pronunciation when it comes to PTE academic. Yes, that’s what it’s about, your problems mainly – they will also be either about fluency or about pronunciation. When you solve these two problems, you will see that your scores in speaking will improve.

Fluency –

The simplest way if I have to tell you in one sentence that how you can improve your fluency. The answer is “speaking bigger chunks of the sentence in one breath. The more you can speak without stopping, without hesitating, without thinking, the more fluent you will come across. The computer will think that this person doesn’t need to think about before he is speaking. He must be very good in English he is very fluent so I will give him a good score. So speaking bigger chunks of a sentence in one breath will improve your fluency.

Now what you have to do, you know that “you have to that”. This was an example of how you can become more fluent.

How to Improve your Fluency? Take these different reading passages maybe from Wikipedia or from any book that you have and then try to read it in different ways. First speak smaller parts, then bigger parts, record yourself and listen to yourself again and again. If you do that that’s the short way of improving your fluency. Don’t just listen to anyone who says you should speak too fast or slow. You should speak naturally because that’s what naturally is different from person to person. So you have to identify your own right speed, your own way of natural speaking, so that’s why you should record yourself and you listen to yourself again and again.


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There is another thing which is about avoiding some common pitfalls –

Hesitation and Correction –

If you know the method or if you have practiced, then there’s no need for you to hesitate. This is just an exam, I know it’s very important exam but you know you don’t have to be afraid. So you don’t even have to be afraid of making mistakes while speaking. So don’t hesitate in questions like read aloud and repeat sentence. If you make a mistake, just keep going.

Pronunciation –

The next thing is Pronunciation and mainly the problems with pronunciations are the sounds that we don’t get right. Sometimes in a word, we will put more emphasis on one syllable or one sound or sometimes we will miss some sounds altogether and that’s what the main problem with pronunciation. So to solve your pronunciation problems, you have to identify these sounds that you get wrong. Now let me give you some examples of what these kind of sounds are. So, solve the pronunciation problems by identifying the sounds that you get wrong.

How to Improve your Pronunciation? For this, take a simple passage, read and record a lot. So take simple passages but a large number of these passages. But why? Because you want to identify the sounds which you get wrong most of the times. So if you just take one passage then you might pick two or three sounds but whether you have made that mistake in only that one passage or whether that some mistake that you often make that’s what you have to find to. So to do so, you need to read more passages so take five or ten passages from Wikipedia or somewhere else or if you are taking a course, you can ask teacher also or can contact us anytime.

In our course, we provide these kinds of drills, speaking exercises, and materials, for example, Read Aloud and Repeat Sentence practice questions which help people to identify what are the pronunciation mistakes they are making. So take those passages, record yourself and listen. Identify those common mistakes and put them in an excel sheet. So make a list and if you have done twenty to thirty passages, you will find and suddenly notice that I always make that “R” sound mistake or miss this “S” sound in the middle of the word. Those are the sounds that you have to improve.

Put in some time every day even if just 20 minutes or even 10 minutes a day. Listen to English news and watch English news. The more you listen and the more you speak your mind will get used to it. This is the only way to improve in the long term.

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