PTE Writing Summary – Summarize Written Text Sample Test Papers 10

PTE Summarize Written Text – Read the paragraph and summarize it in between 5 to 75 words. Cover the most important points out of the passage. You will have only 10 minutes to complete the task. Here is PTE Writing Summary – Summarize Written Text Sample Test Papers 10.


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PTE Writing Summary – Summarize Written Text Sample Test Papers 10

  • 10. – Read and summarize written text in your words.

The flagship event of the foundation is the invitation-only annual meeting held during the winter at the end of January in Davos, Switzerland, bringing together chief executive officers from its 1,000 member companies, as well as selected politicians, representatives from academia, NGOs, religious leaders, and the media in an alpine winter environment. The town is small enough to allow participants to meet anywhere outside the sessions and allows them the greatest opportunities to attend receptions organized by companies and countries. The participants are also taking part in role playing events, such as the Investment Heat Map. Informal winter meetings may have led to as many ideas and solutions as the official sessions. Approximately 2,200 participants gather for the five-day event and attend some of the 220 sessions in the official programme. The winter discussions focus around key issues of global concern (such as international conflicts, poverty and environmental problems and possible solutions).

As many as 500 journalists from online, print, radio, and television take part, with access to all sessions in the official program, some of which are also webcast. Not all the journalists are given access to all areas, however. Thi is reserved for white badge holders. “Davos runs an almost caste-like system of badges,” according to BBC journalist Anthony Reuben. “A white badge means you’re one of the delegates – you might be the chief executive of a company or the leader of a country (although that would also get you a little holographic sticker to add to your badge), or a senior journalist. An orange badge means you’re just a run-of-the-mill working journalist.”

All plenary debates from the annual meeting also are available on YouTube, with photographs at Flickr, and key quotes on Twitter.

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Keynotes or Keywords –

Event- annual meeting – Davos-politicians, leaders, media

Official sessions and informal meetings

100s of journalists, not all have all access

All plenary debates on YouTube, Twitter etc.


Summarize Written Text Sample Solution –

The annual conference in Davos attracts high profile people from all over the world including world leaders and big corporate CEOs and provides an environment for them to engage in official as well as unofficial discussions, not all of which are open to everyone though all open sessions are also shown on YouTube.


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