PTE Highlight Correct Summary Tips

First of all, What is Highlight Correct Summary in PTE Listening? Today we are going to have a look at what this question type is about and the key things that you need to be aware of to score well in the exam. Here are PTE Highlight Correct Summary Tips.

PTE Highlight Correct Summary Tips

Some of the essentials first –

2 to 3 questions – You will get 2 to 3 questions of this type in the exam. 2 to 3 highlight summary question.

Listen and identify the correct summary from the option – You will see few options on your screen and there will a countdown timer of 10 seconds. So after 10 seconds, the audio will start playing. What you have to do is. You have to identify which of those options represent a correct summary for the audio that you have just heard. It is essentially being able to understand what you have heard.

There will be countdown timer of 10 seconds before the audio starts. So use those 10 seconds wisely, quickly skim through the summaries and get an idea of what it is going to be about. That will help you focus on the specific information that you need to hear about in the audio when it starts playing. In those 10 seconds just quickly go through the summery options.


PTE Highlight Correct Summary


  • This is what the screen will look like.
  • You will have an audio box and it will have a countdown timer at the top which will say after how many seconds the audio will start playing.
  • Once the audio stops you have to look through the options and then pick an option.


What will examiner text in PTE Highlight Correct Summary question

This is the test of your listening and reading skills, so

Listening – Firstly test your reading skills. So listening means your ability to be able to identify the topic or theme, what are the ideas that have been covered. Along with this, to be able to comprehend and retain that information.

Reading – Secondly, it is a test of your reading ability. To be able to read the options that are given to you. What the option means and then match that information that you just heard. It is a test of these type of skills.


To score well in PTE Highlight Correct Summary you need to remember these points

#1. Quickly read the summary options before the audio starts. So that will put your mind in the right state. Tell you what to focus on.

#2. Take notes – Always takes notes. So don’t try to note down everything that you are hearing but the key points. Just write abbreviations, write first few letters of the important words or you can draw some diagram, make arrows or connect the words together. Whatever helps you understand. So to be able to take notes is very important.

#3. Try to identify the theme of the audio of course.

When you are looking at the options, first you will be able to eliminate the options. Some of them will contain information that was not at all mentioned in the audio, so you can straight away eliminate them.

Let’s say the second option seems like the correct option and you are almost 100% sure that it is the correct option. But don’t finalize it because, before finalizing, you should look at option number 3 and 4 as well.

Go through all options and then finalize an option and once you have selected an option check it against your notes. Make sure that it matches with what you have understood.

Now it’s time for you to practice some questions. So here are PTE Highlight Correct Summary Samples.


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    this is very helpful for all PTE students so, I want to thanks for this to help us. ANd I want to help from u in reading task mostly in fill in the blanks and Re-order paragraphs also.