Company’s top level authorities should get their Employees in decision-making

Company Top Level Authorities should or should not take employees suggestions or ideas to take any decision. Discuss

Company’s top level authorities should get their Employees in decision-making

Company’s top level authorities should get their Employees in decision-making

The employees play a vital role in achieving company’s goals and objectives. The goodwill and the success of the company depend on its employees. So in my opinion company should involve its employees in decision making. In this highly competitive environment, management and employees should work together to achieve success and profit.

An employee’s feedback is very important for a company. Because a person working in a particular area or we can say a person who experiences something can give better feedback regarding that. The employees of the company are aware of every aspect of the company. They will always give the genuine review regarding anything. So their suggestion should be taken into consideration by top-level management as they know the true picture of the company.

Secondly, the involvement of employees will give positive vibes to the employees. Hence they will get motivated for work. If their suggestion will be taken into consideration they will do their work with more dedication and concentration. On the other side, if we treat them just an employee only, they will also do their work for the sake of doing it.
If we want our employees to give their 100% then we should give them decision-making rights and treat them as a part of the company.

In the end, for company’s success and profitability, top-level management and employees should work together. The contribution of both is essential for success. The knowledge, experience and ideas of employees will help the company to grow.

If a company want to survive in this competitive environment we should take employee’s help too. As they are the person who has the knowledge and experience of every area of the company. They can tell every little point where the company is lacking. So employees opinion and suggestions are must for every company’s growth.

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